Sports Tracker – App of the week #12

Recently, I was advised by a doctor to do more sport. It could be before work, after work, at the weekends, whenever I like – the only rule being that I exercise a bit more and sit in front of the computer a little bit less. I enjoy sports but I never had a fitness routine or a special reason to fight laziness. The problem was that besides the medical advice I needed something else to boost my motivation. And the answer came when my cousin suggested the Sports tracker app to me. After installing this app I’ve started to take walks in the park nearby, I play tennis and I’m planning to buy a bike and start cycling. Quite some progress, right? With a great rating on iTunes and good recommendations from friends and many people around, Sports tracker helps you analyse your performance and train better in order to get fit and stay healthy. The first thing you’ll see when you open the app is the dashboard (home screen): image03 image01 Here you can see a summary of your profile with the workouts you’ve done, distance, time and energy consumed. You have also a “notification area” where you can see what all of your Sport Tracker friends have done lately and other useful information such as the hour when the sun rises and sets and the number of hours of light left. I find this pretty cool. On the same screen you can “start a new workout” straight away. Besides the dashboard, you have a Diary, Friends, Explore and Settings screens. image02 image06 First, you have a list from which you can choose the activity you’ll do. Also, while you’re walking, biking or doing any other sport of your choice you’ll see how your “steps” are tracked on a map and you can review your itinerary at any time if you have a look at your workouts (in case you want to follow the same path again in the future). After your workout is completed, in the diary you have all the details you need in order to analyse your performance: speed and altitude during the workout, heart rate and calorie consumption, distance and step count and the time you needed to complete the workout. You’ll be surprised to see that while tracking and analysing your workouts and helping you to get fit, this app is also a great sports social hub (and also a good map). You can add friends to your list and get notifications about their workouts and even pictures they have been taking with the app during their workouts and even leave comments to their workouts. You can also see all people sharing their workouts in your area (even if they are not your friends, as long as they choose to share their workout with everyone) and find new biking or jogging routes for instance. So if you’re like me, you’ll probably enjoy finding a companion for your workouts! image00 image05 What is great is that you can also use it without being connected to the internet and without keeping it open all the time during the workout (you can listen to music, take phone calls or do whatever you want and just pause the app when you want to take a break hitting the “Lap” button). What you might not know is that this app used to be part of Nokia (named Nokia Sports Tracker) but now has also became available for iPhone and Android devices. I’m sure you’ll love this app as it is interactive and well designed plus I would say it’s a great tool for when you decide to take some life changestowards a healthier and more enjoyable lifestyle. Another thing I’ve noticed is that after a serious workout you’ll sleep better (that’s obvious but how can you also measure this?). Read about Sleep Cycle, another great app that has been presented in our blog’s “App of the week” series. It’s worth giving both apps a try, I guarantee!
May 12, 2014