VoucherCodes – App of the week #10

Everyone loves a discount and I’m not any different so when I saw one of my friends saving money with a coupon code that she got from an application on her iPhone, I was puzzled and excited at the same time. I then discovered that this is actually not the only app of this kind – there are lots and lots of apps like this, created specifically to support the massive number of stores that offer customers the chance to save a small percentage of their purchases. These apps are extremely useful and help you to make decisions when you might not have been able to afford certain things. One of the leading discount apps is “Vouchercodes”, which was the app my friend introduced me to. Before downloading the app I had a quick look at the reviews and it seems that it’s doing quite well, being rated 4.5 from 5 and also being claimed as the no.1 money saving app in UK. As you open the app, you’ll first see the “featured” coupons (for example, at this very moment you can get 25% off in-store at GAP – pretty cool, right?). [gallery type="slideshow" ids="3398,3396,3399,3397"] What you need to do is choose a promotion and then the app will automatically find the closest locations where the deal applies. Next, you choose your favorite location and then you tap “get coupon code”. Straight away, an automatic code will be issued for you. Then you just need to show this code at the till when in store. That’s it! You’ve just saved some money while treating yourself to something nice! Of course, terms and conditions apply for each deal. It can be that the coupon is valid only Monday-Friday or for limited period of time, or that there are some products that won’t be discounted. But the good thing is that you’ll know beforehand and know what to expect. Then, besides the featured deals, you’ll get a list with all the current vouchers available for you to save money on the go and also by category (Restaurants, Days Out and Shopping).  

You can set push notifications and if you go at Settings you’ll see that there is an alphabetic list with all their partners from which you could expect a voucher and you can choose if you don’t want to receive notifications from some of them. So, whatever you’re up to today – shopping on the high street or having dinner in town – don’t forget to check the Voucher code app for discounts. You want to save some money, right? Don’t forget to let us know the best deal you’ve managed to find!

June 12, 2013