Secret photos KYMS: Keep Your Media Safe – App of the week # 5



Protect your private life! If someone gets hold of your iDevice, not can your private videos and photos be viewed by anyone, but they could even get published on the internet. To give you peace of mind, why not try out Secret photos KYMS. This media storage application allows you to keep your photos and videos safe by hiding them behind a harmless calculator – the app icon even suggests a simple calculator app!

The private area will be only shown by typing a private 4 digit PIN followed by the “=” button. Then, you can access your documents and files. Otherwise, you can use the app as a simple calculator and other people won’t know what is actually hidden behind the simple calculator.


With this app you can hide and protect photos, videos (it supports also non standard video formats as Flv, Avi, Wmv, Mkv), documents (PDF, Text, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Pages, Key, Numbers) and even PIN and password in protected TXT files.

You can create albums and edit them as you wish, load photos and movies from anywhere (your camera, your PC, Facebook, the web) and then watch them (even as slideshow) as this is a fully functional media viewer!

If you want to save pictures from the internet, you can do this by simply tapping the image with two fingers:


You can even share the files on your favorite social media channels or email and synchronize albums between two or more Apple iDevices. To enable synchronization, tap on the wifi icon in the main KYMS menu. From now on the device is reachable through the WiFi network to other devices. Warning: do not close the screen on the “source” device until synchronization is complete.

To have a better idea, imagine that you want to buy a present for someone online and you also need to check the options with someone else. With KYMS you can browse the internet, save some relevant pictures or videos and share them with someone else while the person who is supposed to receive the present won’t have any idea about all this (even if they have full access to all the data and media on your phone).

Another cool fact is that as this app can store technical drawings and all kind of files and documents, it will be also able to protect your work from prying eyes.

If you are afraid that someone might bother you while you were displaying your private collections or might force you to show them, you can activate the Panic Gesture feature: simply cover the iPhone microphone with a finger to immediately display the calculator screen. You need to activate this feature from the menu as it is setted to OFF by default. Though, this feature is only available for iPhones.

 Obviously, you’ll need to be careful and keep the passcode safe!

I’ve had the chance to install this app for free as it was free for one day on Appoday but it’s usually £1.49. Not too bad though if you’re thinking of your peace of mind!

I’ve found a video review for a similar app, “My secret folder” and I’ll share the video with you as I find it really funny :)

Also, if you’re here, you should read about how you can keep the intruders away with another cool app – “Big Brother camera security” and just for the worst scenario case, find out how to protect your personal data in case of theft or loss

Have you found any other apps which offer you more privacy? Come on, share them with us! We promise to keep them secret!

May 09, 2013