How much would you spend for an iPhone?

When you are thinking to buy a smartphone, you are thinking to make an investment which will ease your work and social life. But how much are you willing to pay for an iPhone? If you upgrade your monthly contract, then you might get it for free. If you want to be contractless, then get a pay as you go SIM card and buy a new iPhone from your network provider. You can buy an unlocked iPhone 4 starting from £319, an iPhone 4S starting from £449 or an iPhone 5 from £529. Of course, these are the prices for a 16GB iPhone model. If you have lots of data to store, then a 32GB or a 64GB are your choices. The prices go up for each model, and the most expensive one is certainly the iPhone 5 64GB, which has a selling price of £699 on the Apple website.

But would you pay more than that? Would you take out of your pocket more than £1000 for an iPhone? Well, some of you will, some of you won’t. The ones who won’t pay a huge amount for an iPhone, are probably thinking “What are you talking about?! So much money for a phone?!?!” But some of you know exactly what I am talking about. While the most expensive iPad in the world the iPad 2 Gold History Edition, designed by Stuart Hughes, has a selling price of a bit over £5 million, how much are you thinking is the world’s most expensive iPhone? Well, if you want a unique, valuable and luxurious iPhone, you will have to pay £6 million. Yes, that’s right, the world’s most expensive iPhone costs £6 million. Being the most used smartphone in the world, the iPhone has been honoured to have lot of attention from the designers, who covered them with diamonds, gold, dinosaur bones, rare stones or marbles. You are probably wondering who’s buy something like this. Well, rich people or businessmen want to have customised iPhones and they are willing to pay record-breaking prices. There are however some more affordable iPhones, starting from less than £2,000. I will list below top three of the most recent and expensive devices. All the exclusive and extravagant gadgets are creations of Stuart Hughes, based in Liverpool, who creates luxuries across industries - from mobile phones, liquor, aquarium, yachts, furniture and homes.

1. Solid Gold iPhone 5, designed by Stuart Hughes, selling price: £22,000 This beautiful iPhone 5 has been handcrafted and covered in 18ct solid gold, having 53 flawless diamonds mounted over the Apple logo. The handset is an iPhone 5 64GB and 100 of them are available. You can order it from here: 

2. Diamond Rose iPhone 4, designed by Stuart Hughes, selling price: £5 million It was the world’s most expensive phone having a construction cost of £5 million. The bezel is handmade from rose with 500 diamonds, having over 100ct in total. The back has rose golf with a 53 diamonds Apple logo and the home button is made of platinum with a single cut pink diamond. It can be kept in a granite chest which is included, and I am curious to find out who are the two owners of this very limited edition iPhone.Check it here:

3. Elite Gold iPhone 4S, designed by Stuart Hughes, selling price: £6 million Exceeding the costs of the first “most expensive iPhone in the world”, this limited edition of the 64GB iPhone 4S had a handmade rose bezel, 500 individual flawless diamonds, a rear section made of 24ct gold with 53 diamonds mounted over the Apple logo. The home button is made of gold and has a single cut diamond, and the chest is made from Platinum with polished pieces of T-REX bones with rare Opal, Pietersite, Charoite, Rutile Quartz, Star Sunstone. For more details check it online:

Anyways, if you are the lucky owner of one of these expensive iPhones, and if it ever happens to drop and break its screen, or if it suffers other accidental damage please get in touch with the Lovefone team, and we’ll be happy to help, as we are specialized in iPhone repairs.

March 03, 2013