iPhone theft or loss: Four ways to protect your iPhone and personal data

In the unfortunate event that your iPhone gets lost or stolen it is still possible to secure your data – and even track its location. By following this simple guide, you’ll have taken some important steps to ensure your personal data is protected and backed up. So protect your iPhone by doing these:

1. Set a passcode lock

Although this is one of the most basic security features, some people still choose not to use it. It can still be useful in stopping or delaying whoever finds or steals the phone from accessing your data.


To setup a passcode go to Settings > General > Passcode Lock. If you wish to set up a passcode that has more than four digits, you can choose to set an alphanumeric passcode by disabling Simple Passcode.

2. Setup iCloud to backup your data

You can enable iCloud to automatically or manually backup your most important data on your device. iCloud will run backup on a daily basis provided that your device is connected to the internet over wifi, connected to a power source and screen locked.

If you are unfortunate enough that your device is stolen or lost and you decide to Wipe your device using Find My iPhone (see below) you can restore your data on your new or recovered device by choosing Restore from iCloud Backup when going through Setup Assistant. To set up iCloud go to Settings and tap iCloud.

3. Use Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone is an Apple service that allows you to track down your phone by scanning the surrounding area. As long as your phone is turned on and within range, its location will pop up on a map. There are some other features you can use such as the Wipe button which allows you to clean all your data from your phone and the Lock button which allows you to lock the device’s screen and set a passcode even if you have not set one previously. To set up Find My iPhone go to Settings > iCloud and enable Find My iPhone. If you ever need to use Find My iPhone, you can either use the iOS app (download here) or you can login on www.icloud.com using your iCloud account details.

4. Block your SIM

Calling your network provider to notify them of the loss or theft will stop whoever has your phone from running up a bill at your expense. You can also ask them to put an IMEI block on your phone, which will stop anyone from being able to register a different SIM to the phone – rendering it useless within your country. We hope that you never have to experience the theft or loss of your device, but by following these simple steps you can be sure that it would be much less of a headache if it did happen.

December 04, 2012