iPhone 4 home button not working? Try this troubleshooting tip first...

Every device has its common issues and, as we repair a lot of iPhones at Lovefone, we get to see a lot of them.

A while ago we started seeing a lot of iPhone 4 devices with an unresponsive home button. It is very common for the home button to stop working or become sluggish after about one year of use.

Sometimes this can be just a software problem and you can quickly try the fix below as it sometimes helps.  

1. Open any application (try Settings).  

2. Press and hold the power button (top right corner) until the phone shows "Slide to power off".

3. Release the power button and press and hold the home button until the "Slide to power off" message disappears and the software returns to the home screen. This might take 10 seconds or more.

4. Try the home button and see it if responds any better.

If this doesn't help then the home button flex cable might need to be replaced – a repair that we can do for you at Lovefone.

The home button itself is just a piece of plastic which pushes the flex ribbon underneath it, shorting the circuit so that the phone then registers the action. The flex ribbon can be damaged over time by corrosion, rust or simply because of the poor quality of the part.

We can replace the home button flex ribbon about 30 minutes and it costs £34. You can book an appointment to visit our workshop, you can send the phone to us by mail or, if based in London, we can arrange a courier pickup and return.

August 28, 2012