How to copy contacts from your old iPhone to a new one

Now that many of us are upgrading to the iPhone 5, we have to copy our contacts from the old iPhone to the new one. A friend of mine was in this situation and asked for directions, so I’ve decided to write a blog post about it to help others in her situation. I, in turn, was told how to do this by my colleagues Alex and Cosmin, so everyone needs to learn from somewhere! If you want to copy or transfer your contacts to another iPhone you will need: your old and new iPhones an iPhone USB cable a Mac or PC (which has the iTunes software installed) The process of copying contacts from one iPhone to another one is simple: you need to synchronize your old iPhone contacts with a computer, and then synchronize that computer with the new iPhone. But let’s split these into a few steps:

1. On your old iPhone open the Settings app.

Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars and then scroll down and press Import SIM contacts. This way, all your phone numbers stored on the SIM will be copied onto the iPhone’s memory.

3. Turn on your PC or Mac and start the iTunes.

4. Connect your old iPhone to the computer using the iPhone USB cable.

5. Now iTunes should detect your iPhone and synchronise.

6. Click on the iPhone button which appears on the right hand side of the iTunes window. Copy contacts - iPhone

7. In the iTunes iPhone Summary list look on the right hand side at Manually BackUp and Restore and then press Back Up Now. Allow the backup to complete.

Copy contacts - back up

8. Now unplug your old iPhone from the USB cable.

9. Plug the USB cable into the new iPhone and wait for iTunes to recognise and synchronise with it.

10. iTunes will ask you what do you want to do: do you want to "Restore from a backup" or “Set up your new iPhone as a new phone”.

11. Select Restore from a backup. If you have different backup versions, choose the most recent one.

Copy contacts - restore

12. Now Sync your new iPhone to receive the backup information and your contacts. Wait a moment for the synchronization to complete and you’re done. An alternative to this, is iCloud backup/restore! If you have an old iPhone that you want to replace with a new one, you just backup the contacts of the old iPhone with iCloud, and then restore the contacts from the iCloud backup. Check out this website for more details: I hope these will help you as much as they helped me and my friend!

April 02, 2012