Lovefone landmark: 100 independent reviews!

We've just reached a significant landmark: 100 customer reviews on Freeindex, our independent review service! All are positive, with the last 12 coming in at five out of five for value for money, customer service and quality. When we began Lovefone we took the decision to remove ourselves from the review process and give each customer the opportunity to give their opinion of us using an independent service that we have no control of. We felt that this transparent approach had much greater credibility than the easier (and safer) approach of soliciting testimonials from customers and then adding the ones we liked to our website. To make things even harder, we've put the review feed on the homepage of our site. If we get a bad review (yet to happen, thankfully) it'll be up there for all to see. It's a constant reminder that we must stand behind our founding principle of leaving each customer happy with our service. This is never more important than when something goes wrong, the true test of customer service! Stop press! We've just had our 101st review – and it's got to be one of our best yet. Thanks Rebecca.
AMAZING! I am truly astonished - I emailed at gone 1pm, was called back within 20mins, courier was here by 2:30pm, phone back by 3:45pm. Good as new, in a sturdy padded box and bubble wrap. I think this is the best service I have ever received - plus it made all the doubters in my office eat their words when my iphone actually came back! Thank you - I have told all my iphone user friends about this fab service.
October 15, 2010