iOS 8: what to expect when you’re expecting it


The next Apple iOS software for iPhones, iPods and iPads is expected to come this autumn. Apple generally confirms this information a few months earlier, but the rumours have started to invade the technology websites and blogs. We gathered all these rumours and extracted the main information for you, so please read below what to expect when you’re expecting iOS 8.

iOS History

The first iPhone name was iPhone OS. A few years later the operating system had to be renamed as iOS on June 7, 2010 because the iPhone was not the only device which was using iOS. Since then, the iOS is the operating system for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch through iTunes.

In the beginning, iTunes helped to update the iOS, then through over-the-air software updates, and since 2011, it can be updated automatically and wirelessly through Apple’s iCloud service.

The first iPhone came out together with the first version of OS (29th of June 2007) and almost every year Apple released one of the iOS version – depending on the devices or upgrading new features. The most recent upgrade – iOS 7 came with a totally redesigned interface and new features. You can read more details about iOS 7 in our previous post.

iOS 8 at a glance

The new iOS 8 will focus on health, this means that will include a “Healthbook” app that offers fitness related data from the M7 motion co-processor included in new iPhone models (iPhone 5s has it) and in iWatch.

iOS 8 is not expected to have many design changes, as the iOS 7 has, but will improve the existing features, such as iCloud support, Maps, Siri and will hone the Touch ID for mobile payment.

In More Detail


There are many rumours about iWatch (check our post) but a recent one from MacRumours confirmed that iOS 8 will focus a lot on iWatch, because iOS 8 was developed with the iWatch in mind.


Everyone talks about healthy food, healthy lifestyle, healthy sport, and so on and so forth. So Apple thought to include a “Healthbook” app that will manage and track all your sport activities, calories and weight loss. It will also monitor the blood pressure, heart rate, glucose and hydration levels, providing you an overall image of your healthy body.



Apple tries and continues to improve its Maps app, and will come up with new indoor mapping functions and public transit directions. Apple purchased different mapping companies such as HopStop, WifiSLAM, Locationary, Embark and iBeacons recently. iBeacons is expected to deliver precise mapping via Bluetooth while indoors. It  is also being said that Apple plans to offer indoor mapping and car integration.hopstop


The first screenshot of the iOS 8 leaked a couple of days ago, but it can change until iOS 8 will be launched. The screenshot spotted by 9toMac reveals new icons for the Healthbook app, Preview, TextEdit and Tips apps. Healthbook icon confirms the app rumours and is expected to track vital health and fitness data, counts calories burned, heart rate, hydration and blood glucose levels.

TextEdit and Preview come as an iCloud expansion, and Tips in an unknown app and its features and roles are not sure.

Mobile Payments

The Wall Street Journal wrote that Apple will develop a mobile payment service that will allow clients to purchase goods and services using their iPhone. The mobile payment service will be linked to the Touch ID fingerprint scanner, and is not sure if it will be available with iOS 9, but it might be.

Release Date

Like all the iOS, iOS 8 is expected to be released in this autumn, with the new iPhone.

March 20, 2014