How to create and add new ringtones to your iPhone

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Even if you are one of Apple's biggest fans, it's likely that there are some things that bother you about your iOS device. One of them is probably the fact that it’s a bit of a hassle to add new ringtones and sound alerts to your iPhone.

Our smartphone is something very personal. We use it every hour of every day and have a lot of important stuff on it. Thus, no wonder that we feel the need to make it even more personal  by customizing its display, downloading apps to reflect our preferences, and personalizing the sound alerts.

Unfortunately, when it comes to ringtones and sound alerts, Apple hasn't made it too easy for its users. You have a nice selection of ringtones to choose from on your iPhone, but if you want to add one of your favourite songs as a ringtone, things get complicated. Some people even think that if they own an iOS device, their only chance is to buy the ringtones.

On iOS devices, you can’t download songs straight to your phone and add them as ringtones, but instead, you have to follow a more complicate process. This process involves synchronizing your iPhone to a computer, the iTunes store, your iPhone, and an application special designed to create ringtones.

There are lots of apps to help you create ringtones: Ringtone Designer, Ringtone Maker, Ringtones>, and Ringtones for iOS 7 are just few of them, all using a similar method.

I’ve chosen Ringtones for iOS 7 to create my ringtones, and I’ll explain you step by step what you need to do in order to transform your favourite songs into ringtones (you don’t necessarily need to have iOS 7 installed).

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While you are in the Main Menu, you’ll notice that you have an already created ‘Ringtones list’ that you can send to your iPhone.

Anyway, since you’ve installed this app, you probably want to create your own ringtones, so let’s go to the next step where you’ll find out exactly how you can do this.

Tap ‘Ringtone designer’ and choose the song you want to convert into ringtone. You can select straight from ‘Songs’, ‘Artists’ (if you have created a special folder for each artist), ‘Albums’ or ‘Playlists’.

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Once you have selected your favourite song, use the waveform to cut the song and select the part of the song you want as a ringtone (you’re allowed a maximum of 40 seconds).

For more precision, you can turn the iPhone into landscape mode.

The ‘text tone mode’ helps you to keep it short, and the ‘ringtone mode’ gives your audio extra length.

When you’re done, just save the ringtone.

Then, you’ll need to upload the newly created ringtone to your iPhone’s ringtone list, and you can choose to do it through e-mail, facebook, twitter or iTunes.

Let’s upload your ringtone using iTunes.

You have to plug your iPhone to a computer on which you have an iTunes account.

Launch iTunes and select the Tones box -> go to Apps -> select Ringtones -> select the ringtone created by you and save it on the Desktop.

Drag the ringtone to Tones -> go to ‘tones’ and check ‘sync tones’ -> press ‘Apply’ -> then Sync, and you’re good to go and use your newly created ringtone (you’ll find it in your Ringtones list).

As you can see, creating ringtones for your iPhone requires a bit of patience, but the outcome it’s worth the effort.

March 11, 2014