Being different is good - the story of a green iPad

London iPad colour conversion

Green for eco, or green for Kawasaki, all that it matters is that this green iPad, repaired by us, has made people ‘green with envy’. At least that’s what James Gill, the owner of the iPad we repaired a short while ago confesses.

I'm showing off my GREEN iPad and people are very jealous!

When James walked into our workshop with a sad looking smashed iPad, we were glad when he took on our offer and decided to replace the original black screen with a bright green one. After two hours, when we returned his iPad to him, he decided that being different is good :)

Why green? Read his testimonial and find out:

'I'd like to thank Iulia and the team down at Lovefone! They have done a great job fixing my smashed screen. When they asked if I wanted to try something different and move away from the typical white/black iPad cover I jumped at the chance to change it. I decided on a lovely green. Not everyone's taste but I am a passionate Kawasaki motorbike rider, green is the Team Kawasaki colour! I am one very very happy customer. Everyone is green with envy ;) !!!!'

At the beginning of this year, we decided it’s time to make some changes. We changed our website, we’ll move to a new location (details to come soon), and we decided to add a splash of colour to our repairs (at no extra cost!).

We started with the 3rd and 4th generations of iPads with Retina Display. Now, our customers can select from a selection of six colourful screens, in order to add a note of originality to their beloved device.

 Coloured iPad screens are here!

The next step was to offer the chance to customize their devices to iPhone users. We have an even wider selection of 10 vibrant colourful iPhone screens and back cases, so this is a chance to change the looks of your iPhone completely.

All you have to do is to book a repair here, and select at the same time the colour you prefer. 

All this being said, I’ll let you decide for yourself if you still want to go classic or refresh the looks of your device with one of our colourful screens.

Let us know in a comment what you think about colourful Apple devices, and what colour you’d choose for your device (if any).

If you want to book a repair/colour conversion, visit our website, send us an email at, or call 020 7078 4341.

February 26, 2014