Has your iPhone 5 power button stopped responding? You’re not alone

iPhone 5 power button not working - Lovefone, London

How to get your iPhone 5 power button fixed

Like the iPhone 4 home button problem, the iPhone 5 also suffers from a common problem: the power button seems to stop working after a few months. Lately this has become a very regular iPhone repair at Lovefone.

There are a few solutions to this problem.

Solution number one: warranty replacement

If you’re lucky and your iPhone is still under warranty you just need to arrange a Genius Bar appointment and Apple will replace your iPhone 5 with a refurbished one, which is like new. Remember to backup your data before you take your iPhone in as it will be swapped and Apple won’t transfer the data across (here’s how to backup and restore your device using iCloud).

Solution number two: fix the iPhone 5 power button by getting it replaced

You can restore the full functionality of your iPhone 5 power button by replacing the flex cable. You can buy the replacement part online and replace it yourself. We don’t recommend this as it’s an advanced repair and you have to strip everything off your iPhone to get to replace the power button flex cable. But if you really want to have a go at fixing this problem then follow iFixit’s step by step guide – we can always help if you get stuck.

Alternatively, you can just book an iPhone 5 power button repair on our website, come to our central London workshop and get it fixed in about 45 minutes.


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Solution number three: use AssistiveTouch



If any of your buttons stop working you can enable the AssistiveTouch option in Settings > General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch. This places a software button on your iPhone screen, a button which you can drag to anywhere on the screen. When you press this button you get a menu that lets you access different functions of the iPhone: Siri, Favourites, Home (button) and Device. To lock your screen, tap Device and choose Lock Screen.


The only way to turn off the iPhone when your power button is broken and unresponsive is to enable AssistiveTouch, tap the on-screen button that shows up, then tap Device and tap and hold Lock Screen button for about 5 seconds. This will bring the “slide to power off” menu.

Have you encountered this problem? Has this problem affected the way you think about Apple and their products? Please let us know in the comments below.

May 20, 2014