A longer lasting battery – iPhone users’ number one request

 A longer lasting battery   iPhone users’ number one request

Just ask any iPhone user what he expects from the next generation of iPhone. In most cases, the answer will probably be, ‘a longer lasting battery, which will survive the day no matter how I use my phone’.

It has been proved. Last year, before the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5C release , USA Today  has randomly interviewed some passers-by on the streets of Venice Beach California to find out which were their expectations regarding the new iPhone model. The number one request was a longer lasting battery, followed by a better camera , screen that doesn’t crack, improved ‘hearing’ for Siri, waterproof casing and a built-in projector.

Is perfectly normal to consider the battery issue the most important of all, isn’t it? After all, it’s not crucial for you that your apps upload in a matter of seconds or that you have enough ringtones to choose from. But it is essential that your iPhone battery resists until the evening, when you have to take that important call.

If Apple had managed to fix the battery problem by now (or if we could easily replace the battery with a spare one), we wouldn’t need to use battery cases or any similar accessories. Ok, is not only iPhone’s problem. A smartphone battery averages up to one day and is somehow normal. The smartphone is no longer the basic phone we use just for phone calls and text messaging. Now our phone is also a camera, internet browser, music player, eBook reader and many other things in one. This drains the power off your device and causes charging cycles to shrink greatly.

However, if you know a few tips, you can increase your iPhone’s battery life with at least a few hours.
Read our article on ‘ How to increase your iPhone battery lifespan’ , and find out how this is possible.

 A longer lasting battery   iPhone users’ number one request


But if a heavy phone usage is required in your day to day life and none of the methods above works, you still have some solutions. Choose to buy a battery case or even an elegant power purse (The Mighty purse), which will charge your phone ‘on the go’.  Here are the ultimate battery cases, and you can read here about the Mighty purse.

What about you? Are you happy with your smartphone’s battery life, or a better battery is one of your requirements for your next phone? Let us know if you know about any other tricks to increase a smartphone’s battery lifespan, or if you heard about any other cool accessories.


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January 17, 2014