10 vibrant colours to customise your iPhone 4S

 10 vibrant colours to customise your iPhone 4S

It’s true, there aren’t many things you can change on an iPhone: you can’t change its shape, its size (unless you choose a different model) and you can’t change its capacity. But what you can definitely change now with Lovefone is… your iPhone 4S’s colour!

We just got some colourful parts in stock, and now, you can replace your iPhone 4S screen and back panel with any of these 10 vibrant colours. The repair price stays the same, but your iPhone will look different.

Vivid red, bright yellow, purple, two shadows of orange and pink, a beautiful green, sky blue or deep blue. We have them all, what you have to do is choose a colour.

Whatever colour you choose, it will look great on your phone, and it will take you out of the crowd. We guarantee!

You can book a screen & back panel replacement for your iPhone 4S here. You can stay classy and keep your iPhone on white or black, or you can give a splash of colour to your iPhone. Just mention which colour you prefer (in the notes field), then come over to our workshop with your iPhone 4S and we’ll take care of everything.

Are you tight at work, or there is no chance you can come over for a repair? Use our courier service! If you’re based in central London, we’ll collect and drop the iPhone back to you in a few hours.

Or if you’re outside London and you don’t mind staying without your iPhone for a couple of days, send it over to us using our Express Mail service. We’ll send it back to you using the tracked Special Delivery Mail service.

 10 vibrant colours to customise your iPhone 4S

At our customers popular demand, we started with colourful iPad screens a few weeks ago, then found out that iPhone users would also like a change. The parts are here now, so if you smashed your iPhone (or just want a change), why not give it a try?

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May 20, 2014