4 ways to customise your iPad

When it comes to Apple, some people say it is a closed company and does not embrace open source as Android and Linux do. Well, I dare to say that Apple is not that closed! In order for you to customise your iPad, Apple created some unique features enabling you to do that. So if you want to give a personal touch to your iPad, to make it feel like your own one, then read below and find out how you can do that. 1. Organise your apps

Having a lot of apps on different pages makes it hard for you to find the one that you need. Therefore, it is advisable to place your apps into folders, that will help you keep track of them and will customise your iPad for your own sake. In order to organise your apps, you have to press and hold your finger on the app icon until it starts to shake. Then you can drag and drop it in the desired folder. If there are no folders, you can easily create them by dragging one icon on the top of another one, and the iPad will create a folder for you. If you want to move it to a different page, then just drag and keep it on the side of the screen for a couple of seconds and the screen will swipe to the next page. Don’t you think it is easy to organise your apps and customise your iPad? 2. Change your iPad’s background

The most noticeable way of customising your iPad is to change its background and lock picture. Great news for you: it is a very simple and quick process. To change your iPad’s background go to Settings, touch Wallpapers & Brightness and click the image of your actual background to pick up a new one. You can choose a standard one from Apple’s wallpapers, or one from your folders (Camera Roll, Photo Stream, Panorama, etc.).

You can choose the same image for the Lock screen and the Home Screen, or you can have different ones (see above). Changing your iPad’s background has a huge impact on your iPad’s appearance, so it is a thing that is worth doing. 3. Change your iPad’s sounds

I discovered this smart feature when I was in need of stopping my email notifications as it was quite disturbing. If you are in the same situation just go to Settings and touch Sounds. There you can customize your Ringtones, Text Tones, New Mail, Sent Mail, Tweet, Facebook post, Calendar Alert and Reminder Alerts with different alert tones or choose none if you do not want to hear them. 4. Change the colour of the screen

If you want to get a totally distinctive iPad, then change its screen colour! Lovefone can do this at the price of a new iPad screen replacement (£99). So if your iPad’s screen is broken, then fix it and customise it in the same time! You can choose from a wide palette: yellow, pink, red, green or blue. Find out more about this from our previous blog post. Stay tuned because we will update you with pictures and feedback from our clients who changed their iPad screen from a black one to a bright colour!
May 07, 2014