What will Apple launch in 2014: iPhone 6, iPad Pro and more ...

In 2013, Apple launched a lot of new and innovative products, such as the iPhone 5 with fingerprint recognition technology, the thin and light iPad Air and the redesigned Mac Pro. We can conclude that 2013 was a successful year for Apple. Despite all the rumours from 2013, Apple went above and beyond to stand up as a company that thinks differently and launches special products. 2014 is a new year that comes with new resolutions, new products and new rumours. 2014 will likely bring more innovation and style to Apple’s products, such as a larger iPhone 6, an iWatch, new Apple TV and a bigger iPad. Some of these products were between 2013 rumours, but as time passes, the chances to turn real increase. It is no secret that Tim Cook, Apple CEO, plans “to create great products that we think customers are going to love” in areas that they do not operate nowadays. We picked up 4 products that Apple might launch in 2014: 1. iPhone 6 or iPhone mini

iPhone 6 should be launched in September as Apple used us. It might have a larger screen (4.7 to 5.7 inches), a faster A8 chip from TSMC and a curved display. Other rumours state that a small and light iPhone Air might be released at the end of 2014. We’ll see what Apple plans are next autumn. 2. iPad Pro

In 2013, Apple launched a larger iPhone, so in 2014, Apple will launch a larger tablet called “iPad Pro” or “iPad Maxi”. The popularity of Microsoft’s surface tablet sustains this rumour. The iPad Pro will have a 12.9 inch display (pretty similar with the 13.3 inch MacBook Air as you can see the picture from above) and come with a USB detachable keyboard case. The new iPad Pro will be equipped with an ultrathin chassis and narrow side bezels. There is no news regarding the launch date, so I am as curious as you are to see it! 3. iWatch

The much awaited iWatch was not launched in 2013, but it is expected in 2014! Rumours hint that the iWatch will work as an accessory for iPhone or iPad, controlling them and receiving updates. Apple’s iWatch will have a pedometer and a heart rate monitor, a home automation hub and an OLED display of 1.3 inches. The iWatch might include a sapphire glass screen, will be flexible, with a curved design and might come is different sizes for a customized fit. At the moment, the iWatch is expected to be released in the second half of 2014. 4. iTV

Like the iWatch, there were a lot of rumours about an Apple smart iTV. At every Apple event people were expecting it, but it did not show up so far. It might look like an iMac with a bigger screen and a smaller computer, and will also allow you to buy new apps and media programmes. It is not exactly sure what Apple will launch in the television area, but we are expecting a new set top box that will come with improved content and great deals. As Tim Cook said, “television remains an area of intense interest for Apple”. I am sure there will be a lot of other rumours coming out about Apple’s launches, but from all of them I think these seem the most realistic ones. Needless to say, the iPods and Mac Mini were not updated for a while so I can not wait to see what Apple plans about them. Apple will not let us down this year and will prepare a lot of exciting and innovative products!
May 07, 2014