Top 5 rumours of 2013

Every year, there are a lot of rumours about Apple. Apple itself is a very secretive company, therefore, people who are curious try to find out as much as possible about new products and launches. Of course, rumours are not from Cupertino, but from different factories that produce the Apple parts for all the devices. Obviously, sometimes the rumours turn into a truth, but other times they are just weird rumours. We picked up for you 5 rumours of 2013, so here they are: 1. iRing

A supply chain from China told Brian White, an analyst from Topeka Capital Markets that Apple will launch the iRing, a device used on the finger. “The interaction between ‘iTV’ and making phone calls will be an important feature of this experience while the ‘iWatch’ and ‘iRing’ will provide increased mobility around the home, supplanting the need to carry a smartphone around the house,” Brian White wrote in his note to investors. This was just a rumour which did not turn into a truth. 2. Budget iPhone

A cheap version of the iPhone was expected to be launched by Apple. They did launch a low-cost iPhone, but the price was not as cheap as everyone expected. Rumours said the budget iPhone will cost $300 while the actual iPhone 5c costs $549, which is just $100 less than the new iPhone 5s. Confirmed by Peter Misek back in July, these rumours were denied in September, when Apple launched the iPhone 5c. 3. iPhone Math

At the beginning of last year, sources from China Times stated that Apple will launch the iPhone 5s and a larger iPhone with a 4.8 inch display, called iPhone Math. Rumours continued to say the iPhone Math will have a 12-megapixel camera. This was launched this year, and I personally doubt it will launch soon. 4. iPad Pro

The new iPad was supposed to be call iPad Pro, not iPad Air, and have a 12.9 inch 4K display. The same source revealed that we’ll see this next year in October. The truth is that 4K displays for iPad are very expensive now, but by next year their price will drop. I can not wait to see if this rumour will turn into a reality. 5. Apple buys Microsoft

Keith Fitz-Gerald, an analyst from Money Map Press predicted that Apple could buy Microsoft soon, as “now content and security is king and having all the devices connected to one is the future,” an Apple and Microsoft merger makes sense. Yes, it does make sense, taking into account Android is gaining a lot of new customers. This did not happen so far, but who knows what will happen next year? I hope you enjoyed our top 5 rumours of 2013 and will stay tuned next year for new rumours.
May 07, 2014