Power purse

Two weeks ago I met a friend for a chat. It was about 7pm, and we end up talking about the iPhone’s battery life and how easily you can run out of battery at the end of the day. Of course, there are more frustrating things in life than a dead phone, but when you need it and you do not have it, it might be a matter of life and death! In order to avoid these situations, Cuckooland sells a Mighty Purse, or the power purse, which has a discreet built-in rechargeable battery that will charge your iPhone or other smartphones there and then. Hidden in a clutch leather bag, the power purse, is available in eleven colours: Black, Almond Brown, Cafe au Lait, Tangerine Orange, Squeaky Yellow, Ruby Red, Lizard Grey, Glossy Black, Emerald Green, Poppy Pink and Icy Purple.

Made out of high-quality genuine leather, the Mighty purse is compatible with Micro USB and can charge different smartphones and tablets, such as iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung Galaxy, Android and eReaders. It has a removable wrist strap so you can wear it as a clutch or a purse. The mighty purse has room for miscellaneous items such as keys, lipsticks and others, plus an internal zip compartment and two card slots. This means that it has all you need at one glance. I ordered it for me, and I must confess it is a little gem! I ordered one for my friend as well as I thought is a nice Christmas gift! Fashion and technology in one go! What else can girls want? You can order it from Cuckooland for £84.95.

May 07, 2014