The tools Apple uses to fix iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S

Complaints about the iPhone’s repairability (including its irremovable battery) surfaced as soon as the first model was launched in 2007. Subsequent models of the iPhone have been simpler to repair, but it’s never been straight forward. To make it easier to repair latest models, the iPhone 5C and 5S, Apple have even developed a special set of tools. Cult of Mac have just published a set of animated GIFs showing how these tools are used to repair iPhones the Apple way. Apparently, the Geniuses can repair or replace seven components on the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S in the store: the display, speaker, SIM ejector tool, receiver, vibration motor, iSight camera module and the battery. If you want to find out how to fix your iPhone 5C or iPhone 5S in the Apple’s own way, please read below. Universal Display Removal Fixture Apple uses the Universal Display Removal Fixture to open the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. This unique tool is the only tool accepted to open the iPhone without putting other components at risk. The Universal Display Removal Fixture has four suction cups that will gently pry the display from the iPhone’s main body. Speaker Replacement The speaker replacement is one of the simplest and straightforward repairs they can do in the store. The Apple Geniuses unscrew the broken speaker, and then put a new one instead.

SIM Ejector Tool The SIM ejector is another straight forward repair that can be done in the Apple store, and it only requires an extra set of tweezers.

Battery Replacement and Fixture Apple’s official guideline says to cut the adhesive strip of the battery with some scissors, and then pull the adhesive out underneath the battery before lifting it out with a black stick. After you remove the battery, apply adhesive strips on the new battery to keep it in the designated area. Another helpful tool is the iPhone Battery Fixture that will help the Geniuses apply the perfect amount of pressure between the new battery and adhesive strips. The pressure rollers will land on the new battery and then on the adhesive, to keep it firmly in the right place and then to secure it. I hope these tools made you understand how professional Apple Geniuses are. Of course, Lovefone fixes your iPhone in the same professional way, so if you have any issues with your iPhone, iPad or iPod just get in touch!
May 07, 2014