Up to half price sale on Otterbox cases @Lovefone

Due to popular demand, Lovefone started selling iPhone cases a while ago. As our cases improve the life quality of your precious devices, we decided to make them more accessible. As you probably know from our previous post, Lovefone sells three ranges: budget, standard and premium. The most desired and beloved case in our premium range, Otterbox, is now discounted! So if you’re paying us a visit, do not forget to take advantage of this offer and get your case up to to half price cheaper!

At Lovefone, we fix our customers’ faulty or damaged iPhones, iPads and iPods, and then we recommend and sell suitable protective cases. Buying an iPhone case is a perfect opportunity to make your iPhone look personal and unique, and Lovefone is here to help.

OtterBox is the most protective case ever! If you’ve broken your device a few times in the past, and nothing seem to protect it enough, then OtterBox will help you stop the breakage! More than this, Otterboxes are not only durable but are sleek and stylish.

At Lovefone, we sell two types of Otterboxes: Commuter and Defender series. We have them for the iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3.

Otterbox Commuter Series Case - official price £29.99 vs. Lovefone sale price £19.99

Otterbox Commuter Series case is a slim and lightweight case, perfect for an on the go lifestyle. The two-layers of protection and the extra screen protector from the Commuter Series iPhone case will protect your iPhone from casual breakages. Check out this video and see how it works:

Otterbox Defender Series Case - official price £39.99 vs. Lovefone sale price £19.99 The Defender Series case is built to protect your precious iPhone from heavy use and dangerous accidents. It has three layers of protection plus a plastic shell that protects the device, covered with a screen shield that prevents it from scratches.

You might have a Samsung instead of an iPhone. Well, no worries, because Lovefone sells Otterboxes for Samsung, as well.

The Samsung Galaxy SIII Defender Series case has three layers as well so it will protect your precious Samsung, so you do not have to fear any drop or accidental damage. So if you are looking for a very protective case, that inspires confidence, then the Defender Series should be your next case!

If your iPhone, iPod, iPad or Samsung gets damaged in any way, do not think about buying a new one. Let Lovefone fix it, and you can keep enjoying your precious device ! Just get in touch and one of our experienced technicians will fix your device in less than half an hour!

May 07, 2014