App of the week no.23: EmergenSee, the personal safety app

Last week my parents raised my awareness regarding safety, and even though I am fearless, I realised is wise to have a way to ensure my safety. So I started to do a bit of research and found a great app that ensures my personal safety: EmergenSee. Let’s face it, we live in a challenging environment, where things can be unpredictable. Because we do not like to carry too many things with us, and fill our pockets/purses with useless items, we can use our smartphone for various functions. We can use them to contact our beloved friends and family, take photos, check news, get social network updates and last but not least, as a tool to stay safe in insecure conditions. EmergenSee app overview The EmergenSee app is designed to help us stay safe in dangerous situations, from walking alone on the street at night, or facing a rubbery. It is free, easy to use, and it can save your life, so why not use it? You need to understand that your security matters most than your commodity, therefore, do not hesitate and download it now from iTunes or Google Play. After you downloaded the EmergenSee app on your smartphone, you need to “Create an Account” using your first name and surname, your email address and choosing a password. Afterwards, you have to “Add Organization” or “Add my University”, plus three emergency contacts. EmergenSee will ask you to allow to use your location, video camera and microphone, so it can record the incident.

How does EmergenSee app work If you think you are experiencing an emergency situation, just tap the app, and this will enable to contact your emergency people, to let them know what’s going on. When you press the contact button, the app starts filming and then you can select to send it to your contacts or to public safety, so they can take action and help you. While you are filming, the EmergenSee app will use your smartphone’s GPS to point out your location and send it to your contacts. If you are moving, or driving, they can follow you while being on the move.

The EmergenSee connects directly to the Department of Public Safety, and once the live video is on, it sends the location update to the Department of Public Safety Communication Center. Do you want to find out more information about EmergenSee? The app has a lot of other smart features, meant to increase your security. For example, you can use it to send instant messages when you can not make phone calls, send instant alerts to your emergency contacts, real-time texting with a trained response specialist, or stealth mode. The specialized monitoring people will decide if you are in a situation which requires authorities assistance, and if so, they will send them to help you. On the other hand, you have the option of terminating this conversation and quitting the app before involving the authorities.

The “stealth mode”, a great way of keeping your screen black and giving the impression that is off while it is filming. You can activate the stealth mode by the “hide button” which is at the bottom of the screen. All these smart features are simple to use to help you be safe. Bottom line The EmergenSee app is the app that you think you will never use, but is more than helpful if you encounter an emergency situation. It is suitable for children, parents, professionals, singles and everyone who need a safety app. So you do not forget to download it as soon as possible. Do you already use a security app? Which one? Share it with us!
May 07, 2014