Why I prefer the iPad Air to the iPad Mini with Retina display

Every tech fan should know by now what Apple’s October event was about. Or at least we all know that if the September event was iPhone-centric, this time the focus was on iPads. An iPad 5 and a slightly refreshed iPad mini were expected. We got the iPad Air and the iPad Mini 2 (with Retina display). No home button with fingerprint sensor as on the new iPhone 5S, but I dare to say that what Apple came with is not a disappointment. At least not for me. I am very fond on the MacBook Air I’m using at the moment. It’s so light and really convenient to be carried around. That’s why, even though I don’t have an iPad, I know that when I’ll get one, it will be the iPad Air. I’m really excited about it, and it seems that I’m not the only one. Some people say that this is the most tempting iPad yet. Almost everyone was impressed when the iPad Mini has been released. Small, light and easy to slip into a handbag or even in a larger pocket. I appreciate that is lighter and thinner that the full-size iPad, but for me, the screen is just too small. That’s why the iPad Air is the perfect deal for me. Light but with a reasonably large screen, it seems like a larger version of the iPad mini. But as my opinion is just my opinion, I feel obliged to give you the tech specs for both iPad Air and iPad Mini 2 with Retina display. I will let you decide for yourself which one is better and if you prefer them to the previous generations. iPad Air - the power of lightness iPad Air comes in two colours, space grey and silver and is going on sale on the 1st of November in 41 countries. Design - About 30% lighter than a full-size iPad (it weights 469 g- down from 652 g). - Measures 240X 169.5 X 7.5 mm (same length but 20% thinner than the previous iPad). => the lightest and thinnest full-size iPad. Software, processor and other specs -It comes with iOS 7 installed but iPad 4 can also be upgraded. -Its 64-bit A7 processor is believed to double the performance of the previous generation -Same 1.2MP camera - Price: starting from £399 for the 16GB WI-Fi model and £499 for the WI-Fi+ Cellular model. A 128GB model is available for £739.
‘ It's very hard to describe how good the iPad Air feels in your hand without actually picking one up. It’s kind of like the first time you saw a Retina display for the first time—shock. This smaller size is great. If you have decent sized hands you can type with two thumbs on the iPad in portrait, something I wasn’t really able to do with the last generation iPad without a lot of stretching ‘ Jim Dalrymple, The Loop
IPad Mini 2 (with Retina display) The iPad Mini 2 comes in the same colors as the iPad Air (space gray and silver) and will go for sale in late November. Design - Slightly heavier than the original iPad mini (weighs 331g - up from 308g ). - 200X 134.7 X 7.5 mm. Same size as the original iPad mini, just a tiny bit thicker (7.5mm from 7.2mm). - The Retina Display, which considerably improves the screen quality (2048X 1536, 326 ppi, up from 1024X 768, 163 ppi). A far better pixel density, not only compared with the original iPad Mini, but also with the iPad Air. Software, processor and other specs - iOS 7 - 64-bit A7 processor which double the performance of the previous generation - Same 1.2MP camera - Price: starting from £319 for the 16GB Wi-Fi model and £419 for the WI-Fi+ Cellular model. A 128GB model is available for £659.
‘ IPad mini with Retina display is amazing to hold. And behold. Every photo is incredibly detailed and vibrant, and every line of the text is remarkably crisp and clear. With higher resolution than an HDTV, it’s stunning - on a whole new scale'. Apple
With the two new iPads, you’re spending the extra cash for a more powerful device with a slightly different design.IPad Mini 2 is a bit heavier than the iPad Mini , and iPad Air a bit lighter and smaller than iPad 4. That means that the two lines have gotten closer in terms of weight and thickness. Now that you know the facts, let us know which one you prefer!
May 07, 2014