Mayday, Mayday! Water damaged iPhone!

Dropped in the toilet, took a bath in the swimming pool, spilled a coffee mug on it...well, all these take you to a water damaged iPhone. Even though we wrote about water damage iPhones in the past, people are still not very confident or aware of how it works and what need to do after they water damaged their iPhones. That is why I decided to write about this today, and point out 5 simple steps that can make a huge difference. 1. Leave it off I know it is very tempting to turn it on and check if it is still alive, but it might generate a short circuit. Therefore, a few hours of patience can protect your phone and your valuable data! 2. Let it dry by itself It is necessary to allow your water damaged iPhone dry by itself, without any source of heating. If you want to make sure all the moisture from the inside disappears, you can put it in a bag of rice. The rice is a natural absorbent and will help your iPhone to dry completely. 3. Do not charge it Before you put any electricity in your water damaged iPhone, is best to take it to a professional place, where the technicians can clean the corrosion. After that, you can power it on. 4. Back up your data After you make sure your iPhone is completely dry, you can turn on your water damaged iPhone and protect all your data by backing it up. Even though your iPhone powered on, it can stop working in an hour, a day, a year or never because water damaged phones are unpredictable. 5. Take it to the specialist Now it is time for you to take your iPhone to the specialists. You have got two choices: take it to the Apple store, or to a third party store. Apple store will charge you for a full phone replacement while a third party shop will charge you for individual repairs. If you decide to go ahead with the second option, Lovefone is the best choice! Our well trained technicians will fully diagnose your iPhone and do their best to revive it. You can pay us a visit any time between 10am and 6pm during week time, or between 11am and 5pm on Saturday.
May 07, 2014