What are the worst places to lose your iPhone?

Having an active life implies running out and about, being in two places at the same time, and juggling with more than one thing at a time. Of course, as everything has a price, sometimes you end up dropping things, breaking or losing them. A while ago I wrote about where do most iPhone accidents happen and now I want to share with you the 10 worst places to lose your phone. If most fatal iPhone accidents occur in the kitchen, in the living room or in the bathroom, where do you think are the worst places to lose your iPhone? According to Daily iPhone Blog the worst place to lose your iPhone is the swimming pool while the best one is your purse. Losing your iPhone in the swimming pool can occur more often than you think. We have a lot of customers who come over with water damaged iPhones, forgotten in their shorts while they were swimming. If it happens to you, there are 50-75% chances of recovery and about 0-5% chances to work again. It occurred to me once to put my phone in the washing machine and let it there for a complete cycle. After I let it dry and power it on..it worked! It is still working, so I am lucky. Did it occur to you so far? Did you lose your iPhone in the swimming pool? The second worst place to lose your iPhone is the taxi. It happens to play on it, text or check the news and then put it next to you and forget it there while you get off. There are between 0-50% chances of recovery, depending on how far you traveled and how honest is the taxi driver.

Going further down, the third and the fourth worst places to lose your iPhone are the airplane, bus or subway. There are minimum chances to recover it, more precisely somewhere between 0-15%. So if you forget or lose your phone in a mean of public transportation, we recommend you to get in touch with your network provider and cancel your contract, in order to stop extra costs. It occurred to me one to forget my phone in a coach, and I never managed to get it back, even though I called the driver. Did you forget your iPhone in a taxi? Did you recover it?

Your chances of finding your lost iPhone increase if you forgot it at school or in one of the trays from the airport security. There are 50-100% chances to recover your lost iPhone from airport security, and between 15-75% from school.

Chances of recovering a lost phone in a changing room are at the same level as in an airplane: 0-15%. I lost one my sunglasses in a changing room and I came back after 5 minutes and they were gone. I am curious how long did it take to an iPhone to disappear from a changing room?! If it happens to let your phone on the roof of your car, there are between 25-75% chances of finding it, depending where it falls and if you have FindMyiPhone activated on it.

If you lose your iPhone in a restaurant or a bar, or in your purse, you are likely to find it. The chances are between 80-100%. Last summer, when I was on holiday with my parents, and we went out for dinner, I forgot my iPhone on the restaurant table. I realised I did not have it with me after being 10 minutes away from the restaurant, and when I returned the waitress smiled and knew why I came back. She was kind enough to return it back to me. Did it ever occur to you to forget or lose your iPhone at a restaurant or a bar? Share it with us!

If you are one of those who regularly loses his or her iPhone, then is advisable to protect as much as possible your phone using a password and an app to locate it (like FindMyiPhone). If you manage to track your lost or stolen iPhone and is damaged, do not despair! Just get in touch with the Lovefone team, and we are happy to fix your broken iPhone!

May 07, 2014