Citymapper - App. of the week # 22

We’ve started a while ago a series of blog posts called ‘App of the week’. Every week, we pick up an app (we carefully select the best rated ones) and tell you more about it. I have to admit, I have a tendency towards Navigation apps. That’s probably because (it may sound hilarious), before having an iPhone, I always thought that when I’ll have one, it will be useful mostly for getting directions and finding out about transport links in London. Of course, afterwards I found many other reasons for finding the iPhone useful but I still believe maps and navigation apps are the best. I found many interesting Navigation apps and wrote about some of them in our ‘App of the week’ series (see London Bus live countdown , Waze, or AroundMe). This time I will write about Citymapper, a 5 * Navigation App designed for London and New York. With 4590 reviews, this is probably the best transport app for London (and probably New York) so far. I didn’t find a better one anyway. Install in on your iPhone, iPod or iPad and give it a try!
Amazing By Dwisdomb ‘This is hands down the best transport app out! Deleted all other transport apps within the first day of use. It's like having 5+apps in one’.
If you want to find out what is that great about this app, keep reading! There is nothing Citymapper can do and other good transport apps (such as Bus Times, Next Bus etc.) can’t. But the great thing about this app is that it mixes information about tube status, bus stations and departure times, the walking distance and the price you need to pay for transport to get to a place! Where am I?

Every time you open the app, Citymapper will locate you on the map. From here, you can see where are all the closest bus, tube and rail stations (you’ll find some buttons at the top of the screen), and which is the walking distance to every one of them. If you’re looking for a 'Boris bike', you can also see where is the closest collecting point or if there is a dock close to the station where you alight. There is also a map that will show you the walking distance in minutes to the surroundings (similar to the maps with directions you can find across the city). Bus stops, tube and rail stations view After you’ve been spotted on the map, if you tap the bus icon, the app will show you all the bus stations around you, with their name (letters) and walking distance to them. You will be able to see on the map exactly how to get to a bus stop. Then, after you decided which station you need, just tap on it and you’ll get an individual view of it, with all the buses that depart from there, with terminus station and live departure times. Tap on the bus you need, and you’ll get a map view with the bus route highlighted and the place where yo Same happens if you tap the Tube icon. You’ll get all the Underground and Overground stations within an area of 1 hour walking distance from where you are located. Select one station and you’ll get live departure times from each platform in any direction. You have also the status of the station and line at the station, and you can check if the station is open or if there are any delays or any other problems. The button for the Rail stations was added recently. Before, the info for rail stations and train departures were displayed together with the Tube ones. As for the other transport links, you can check where are the next train stations, departure times and possible delays or any other problems reported on the way. There is also the Bike tab, where you’ll see the closest Boris bike docks and the best cycling route to your destination. Get me somewhere This function will show you all the options you have to get from one point to another. It can be from your current location or any other location you choose. Just select the Start and End point and you’re ready to go. You’ll get all the possible walking, biking, cab and public transport options, with time, number of calories you’ll burn (only for walking and biking of course), and the price you need to pay for the transport.

You can save your Home and Work address then, simply by pressing the Get Me Home or Get Me To Work buttons, you’ll be given the best routes to there, from anywhere.

They even have humor. At the bottom of the page, you have an option which tells you how long it takes to ‘Catapult’ yourself to the desired destination :)

Apart from all these, you have an Offline tube map, Line status (with any possible problems and closures on the lines) and a Favourites file where you can save all your favourite locations. Then, the app will display your locations at any time and the most recent address used.

What else can you ask from a transport app? Try it and let us know if you know something better that this!
May 07, 2014