The tech giants: iPhone 5S vs. Samsung Galaxy S4

With so many phones on the market at the moment, it’s hard to decide what is best for you. We did some research and decided to make a comparison between the two most successful phones of the moment : iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S4. I hope this article will help you to make a choice. Launched in April this year, the Samsung Galaxy S4 was the most successful phone of the year until recently, when a month ago, on the 20th of September, the new iPhone 5S has been unveiled to the public. The competition is tight between the two Smartphones, but if you put them side by side, you will probably conclude that these are two very different phones. Price

iPhone 5S - starts at £549.99 SIM-free

Samsung Galaxy S4 - now starts at around £420 SIM-free As you can notice, the Galaxy S4 is cheaper than iPhone 5S, and that’s because it was released much earlier and there was time for the price to drop. Anyway, a cheaper and new version of iPhone 5 was released, the iPhone 5C, at a similar price with Samsung Galaxy S4. Starting with £469 SIM-free, iPhone 5C is the most colorful Smartphone on the market. Design and size iPhone 5S - aluminium body with glass inlays 124x59x7.6mm dimensions and 112g weight Samsung Galaxy S4 - polycarbonate backplate (removable) and metal sides 137x70x7.9mm and 130g weight If they are somehow similar in specs and particularities, the two Smartphones couldn’t have been more different when it comes to design and size. Apple’s iPhone 5S is almost identical to the iPhone 5, out of its extended Champagne and Space Grey colour options. At the same time, Samsung Galaxy S4 is almost identical to Samsung Galaxy S3, keeping the same polycarbonate case and a big size (it’s quite a handful phone, and can easily fit in the phablets category). If you have tiny hands, tiny pockets and are looking for something stylish, iPhone 5S is the option for you. However, if watching movies and videos on your phone is your thing, then you’d better go for Samsung Galaxy S4. Unfortunately, they are both prone to picking up scratches and marks. Screen size and resolution iPhone 5S – 4-inch 1136 x 640 pixel IPS Samsung Galaxy S4 – 5-inch 1080p Super AMOLED You can’t compare the iPhone 5S’s 4 inch screen with Samsung Galaxy S4, which boast a 5 inch screen and apparently brighter and more vibrant colours. Besides, it seems that the increased screen size makes the Samsung Galaxy S4 more useful. Not only for gaming and video watching, but also for productivity purposes, such as editing spreadsheets and Google Drive documents. Performance

iPhone 5S – Apple A7 dual-core 64-bit chip, 1GB RAM

Samsung Galaxy S4 – Snapdragon 600 1.9GHz Quad-core, 2GB RAM, Adreno 320 GPU

The improved A7 processor is claimed to offer users 40-times better CPU performance than the iPhone 5. Samsung Galaxy S4 features as well a strong processor and it seems that both phones have quite the same speed in opening web pages and applications.

Software and security

iPhone 5S – iOS 7; Touch ID scanner

Samsung Galaxy S4 – Android 4.2 with TouchWiz interface; Face detection

The iPhone 5S comes with the new IOS 7 preinstalled. This is probably the biggest change in the iOS since 2007, and brings a completely different interface. As it happens with any big change, some like it, some dread it. Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with Google Android 4.2.2, with a 4.3 update confirmed to arrive soon. It’s hard to say which operating system is better, it all depends on the user’s preferences and what they were used to already. The Touch ID scanner is a new biometric addition to the iPhone 5S. The sensor scans the conductive properties of your thumb or finger, and allows you to unlock your phone and authorize iTunes/App Store purchases with a single touch. Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with a similar alternative - Face Unlock. It scans faces using the front camera and judges who a person is based on their facial geometry. It’s not as secure as the Touch ID scanner though and can be easily unlocked using a photo of the owner.


IPhone 5S – 8-megapixel cameras with dual-LED flash

Galaxy S4 – 13-megapixel camera with LED flash

iPhone 5S has still an 8 megapixel camera but now sports some automatic features and wider lens, to improve the quality of the photos. With a 13 megapixel back camera and 2 megapixel front camera, Samsung Galaxy S4 also comes with a wide range of shot options. It has some interesting functions such as Sound & Shot (which allows you to record up to 9 seconds of video together with the photo). Storage and battery life

iPhone 5S – 16GB/ 32GB/ 64GB non-expandable

Battery: 10 hours of 3G talk time and eight hours of 3G internet usage

Samsung Galaxy S4 – 16GB /32GB, microSD (64GB in some countries)

Battery: 17 hours of 3G ussage

While Apple products have a non-expandable memory, Samsung let you add extra storage by including a memory card slot. This is a good option as at the moment you can’t find the Samsung Galaxy at 64GB in the UK.

In terms of battery life, it seems that iPhone 5S lasts a bit longer than Samsung Galaxy S4 (no matter that you use the phone for watching videos or just for normal internet usage and calls). I’ll let you draw conclusions and make a choice. And then, if you tested both phones or used one of them, let us know what you think. P.S. The sad news is that the last models of iPhone and Samsung Galaxy are not that durable as last year’s models. Watch the video below and see the experiment run by SquareTrade, a company that provides protection plans for mobile devices.
May 07, 2014