Sunrise Calendar: the perfect alternative for iOS 7 calendar

As everyone else, I waited the iOS launch for months, but despite its playful design and colourful interface, it has some features which are not as useful as they used to be before. To be more precise, I do not enjoy a lot the new iOS 7 calendar because I can not see all the actions for the day on one page (as I used to see them before). I have to scroll down and seek for them, which does not give me the overall idea of how my day looks like. Apparently I’m not the only one who does not enjoy the new iOS 7 calendar. That's why I decided to share with you my new find: Sunrise Calendar. Sunrise Calendar is an app specially redesigned for iOS 7 and integrates email accounts and social networks and offers support for the iCloud calendar account. The new calendar app stands out of the crowd with a great design and a lot of synchronization. Beside this, it is easy to use, it works differently and integrates Google Calendar, iCloud, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Maps in the same agenda!
"We connect directly to Apple's servers, like the iOS Calendar app would connect to iCloud," says Sunrise founder Pierre Valade. It was not as easy as adding Google Calendar, he says, but when you are aiming to be a "one size fits all" calendar app, iCloud support is integral. Next up is Microsoft Exchange — the final piece of the puzzle, says Valade.
Sunrise Calendar is a very complex calendar app, but still very simple to use. The main screen is so bright and offers you a lot of features. On the top, you have a view of the month, and under it you have a view of the day. The day itself includes appointments from Google calendar, birthday updates from Facebook, weather info and data location so you can get as much accurate data as possible. The Google calendar, iCloud or Facebook appointments and events can be accepted or declined from the Sunrise app by pressing the orange dot situated in the upper part of the screen.

Sunrise Calendar also integrates Google Maps, so you can tap the location for an event and it will offer you directions.

Until now, many iOS users refused to use a different calendar app (as I used to do) because all the apps were compatible only with Google Calendar. Others, more adventurous, started using Fantastical, Calendar 5 or others. All these apps show only the Google Calendar while Sunrise Calendar integrates everything with iCloud. Sunrise Calendar is a totally free and you can download it from the App Store. More than this, company’s Twitter updates announce Android and iPad versions of the Sunrise Calendar app. Have you tried Sunrise Calendar app? How did you find it? Share with us your experience and win an iPhone case!

May 07, 2014