Unbelievable iPhone destruction videos

There comes a point when your iPhone becomes totally useless. It can stop working after you dropped it down the toilet, or after you took it for a swim in the sea, or just refuses to open an app. If you experience any of these cases or another individual situation, this can determine you to want to destroy your iPhone. Mobile phone checkers has reported that an average iPhone in the UK breaks or gets damaged in 10 weeks of usage. The most common causes of damage are: 43% dropped on concrete, 35% fallen into the toilet / sink, 32% stood on, 12% left on the roof of the vehicle, 10% broken by kids.
"The screens are pretty fragile as most would admit, and it is always best to protect your handset with a case to give it the best chance of surviving past the 10 week period,” said the director of Mobile phone checker Adam Cable.
iPhone users who own a broken iPhone have two choices: they can either bring their iPhone to Lovefone to fix it, or completely destroy it. You can destroy your iPhone/iPad or iPod by throwing it against the wall, dropping it from the top of a high building, smash it with a hammer or bin it. If you are very creative, you can completely destroy your iPhone using unconventional methods like the ones presented below. Destroy your iPhone in the kitchen If you want to get rid of your iPhone, you can do it yourself in the kitchen or your house’s yard. In order to get more inspiration, you can check out these videos: iPhone vs. Blender iPhone vs. Boiling Water iPhone vs. Barbeque iPhone vs. Microwave   Destroy your iPhone using chemical procedures If you want to see how a magnifying glass or chemical solutions destroy an iPhone, you can watch these videos: iPhone vs. Magnifying Glass iPhone vs. Liquid Nitrogen   Destroy your iPhone using tools Destroying your iPhone choosing from a wide range of tools can be fun. You can use power tools, DIY tools, hand tools or trade tools. You can see the results of using them in the videos below: iPhone vs. Angle Grinder iPhone vs. Drill iPhone vs. Chainsaw iPhone vs. Car The iPhone is an unpredictable device which can work after it took a bath or run over by a car, but on the other side it can stop working after it slipped on concrete or down the toilet. An iPhone can survive after a lot of destructions and tortures, and it can be saved by Lovefone. So if your iPhone has suffered an issue, just get in touch with Lovefone and our specialized technicians will make your device look like new!
May 07, 2014