Quick tip: backup your iOS photos to Flickr

Here's a quick tip if you've been wondering how to backup your iPhone photos online, in the cloud: use the new Flickr iOS app. The official Flickr app has been updated a few days ago and the main feature is the automatic backup of the photos you take with your iPhone. Flickr offers users up to 1 Terrabyte of storage (free of charge) and you can use that storage to automatically upload the new pictures you take on your iOS device. All you have to do is to sign up for a Flickr account and download the iOS app. Once you've signed in on your iOS device you can go into Flickr Settings and enable the Auto upload feature. You can also choose to upload the new pictures using both 3G and Wi-Fi or only Wi-Fi. If you've got a capped data plan it would probably be best to choose to auto upload new pictures only when you've connected to a Wi-Fi network. That's it! Now every photo you take will be automatically uploaded to Flickr, even if you don't open the app as everything happens in the background. The privacy setting for the photos that are automatically uploaded is set to Private so only you can see the photo. You can change this setting at anytime in order to make your photos visible by family and friends or to make them public. Flickr auto uploadFlickr auto upload
May 07, 2014