InstaCollage Pro - App of the week # 20

Things are evolving quickly in the photography social networking field, with more and more sophisticated and complex apps to help you edit and share your life in pictures. We all came across an elegant picture, with a vintage air at some point while browsing some social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. By now, after three years from its launch in 2010, most of us know that this is the effect of the well-known photography-sharing app Instagram. Now, not only you can edit and share your favourite pictures but you can also frame and caption the pictures in collages before sharing them. And if you’re looking for an easy and fun photography app that ticks all the boxes, InstaCollage Pro is likely to be the best option available in the Apple Store. There is a Free version of the app available for a limited period, and another full option of the app, available for just £0.99. I played a bit with the app, and there are endless possibilities for what you can do with your pictures if you have this app installed on your Apple or Android device.


When you enter the app, a screen with 54 adjustable regular collage layouts and 30 irregular layouts will pop-up and you can select any to start your creation.

After you have selected your favorite layout, tap anywhere inside the frame to select a picture from the camera roll (or snap a picture straight away - as you have a capturing option). You can choose to crop the picture or leave it as it is. The picture is added to the collage then you can select as many more pictures as you need in the frame. You are free to adjust the size and the style of the frame, at any time, selecting from over 40 available borders.

You have the option to apply effects to every picture in the collage if you wish, adjust border colors and change the background, zoom in or out, rotate or mirror each picture. You can also add text and stickers to the collage, having the option to change the text colour, size and font of the text.

Save, sort and share

All collages created by you can be stored in a Gallery from where you can add them to your Camera Roll and share them at any time on social networks such as (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr) or by email. There is a sorting filter to arrange the display by default or recently used layouts, but unfortunately, there isn’t an option to save Favourites.

Although a complex app with loads of layouts and editing options, InstaCollage Pro remains a user friendly app. Bring your stories together with this easy and fun app, then share your favourite collage with us!

May 07, 2014