Lovefone is now selling iPhone cases

As a smartphone and a tablet repair company, Lovefone has started selling iPhone cases due to our customers’ popular demand. From now on, Lovefone is about tender loving repair and tender loving care. At Lovefone we still return our customer’s faulty or damaged iPhones, iPads and iPods in a fully working condition, then we recommend and sell suitable protective cases.

Apple is selling a record-breaking number of iPhones and users want to protect as much as possible their devices, so we’ve decided to start selling iPhone case. But these are not just any old cases. Buying an iPhone case is a perfect opportunity to make your iPhone look personal and unique, and so we’ve picked a selection of budget, fancy and premium range cases for all tastes.

Budget range

These cases will simply protect the iPhone/iPod/Samsung of those who do not care too much about diamonds, laces and ribbons. Who want a simple and useful case to cover their precious device and protect it! For those customers, we have the rubber cases which come in black, red, clear, purple and white.

Fancy range

If you want to customize your iPhone/iPod and get the best out of your case, then you can choose one of our cases! We sell cute ones, animal print, or sparkly ones. Some of them come with different accessories such as ribbons, screen protectors or stylus pens.

Premium range

This range is designed to sell leather cases or supreme protection cases, in order to satisfy the most demanding customers. If you are a businessman/woman and you need a case to keep your phone safe and look stylish, then you might want to try a leather case.

If you want a protective one, then OtterBox should be your choice! If you broke your device a few times and nothing seem to protect it enough, then OtterBox will help you stop the breakage! More than this, Otterboxes are not only durable but are sleek and stylish.

If your iPhone, iPod, iPad or Samsung gets damaged in any way, do not think about buying a new one. You can still enjoy your precious device after Lovefone fixes it! Just get in touch and one of our experienced technicians will fix your device in less than half an hour!

May 07, 2014