Last compatible version of apps available now for older IOS owners

IOS 7 is finally here and you can enjoy some great new features now! You’ll be able to enjoy the novelty and benefits IOS7 brings if you have a relatively recent model of Apple device. But of course, some features will only be available for the new iPhone 5S (such as the fingerprint ID feature). As it always happens when a new generation of IOS is launched, one or more devices are left behind, and this time is the iPhone 3GS and iPad 1. That’s mainly due to hardware limitations, and we have to accept that not all the new features can work on all devices. And even if we could upgrade to a newer version of IOS, sometimes is better to keep an older one for a better functionality of the phone. That also means that if you have an iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G or the 1st generation of iPad, you won’t be able to use apps that are designed for IOS 7. But don’t lose hope, there are also good news! At the same time with the IOS 7 launch, Apple has offered to older IOS owners the possibility to go for last compatible versions for some apps. It seems that a Reddit user was the first to spot the ,difference'. Now this is something I always thought Apple should do!

That wasn’t possible before and it was really a shame. A few weeks ago I wanted to download one of the organizational apps - Seesaw but as I don’t have iOS 6 I couldn’t download it. And I really wanted the app… As soon as I heard about Apple’s generosity I tried again to download Seesaw and guess what ? worked!

If before the message was that I can’t download the app because I don’t have iOS6, now I was told that I can’t download the new version of the app, but I was given the choice to opt for the last compatible version. This is a very good move from Apple side and somehow an essential one, with some devices left behind and incapable of upgrading. I’m sure that I’m not the only enthusiast. Many users and developers will benefit from this.
According to chief executive Tim Cook, "IOS7 is the biggest change to iOS since the iPhone”.
The new operating system comes indeed with a completely new user interface and about 200 new features.

The new display, with flat and colorful icons, aims to create a cleaner interface, giving the impression of a bigger device with features fitting the entire screen. While the idea is of a simple and enjoyable display, not everyone is impressed with the new design. Most of my friends who upgraded to IOS 7 say that they liked the old design better. It might be just a matter of time until they get used to it and start enjoying it.

There is much more to it than design, and even though at the moment I don’t have a device to support iOS7 I know I would be really happy with some of the new features.

I’m excited about the new camera features and the fact that you can now organize the pictures into Collections, the iCloud Photo Sharing and AirDrop (which allows you to share pictures, contacts and documents with anyone around you simply by clicking a Share button), Multitasking and many others. Read our article on IOS 7 and you’ll find out about all the great features IOS 7 comes with and a lot more on IOS.

Either you choose to upgrade to the new version of IOS 7 or not, don’t forget that this is a one-way trip. Once you’ve upgraded, you can’t go back to the previous versions anymore so make sure that you do a bit of prep work to find out what you should expect from the new IOS7.

Have you already upgraded? Let us know what you think about the new IOS and if you prefer it to IOS 6! I still have friends who are in doubt if they should upgrade now or wait for a little longer, so your impressions would be more than welcomed!
May 07, 2014