Best of September 2013: iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C unveiled

The new iPhone 5S has been released a week ago, on the 10th of September during a special event in Cupertino, California and will be available for sale on the 20th of September. It has been launched together with the so called budget version, iPhone 5C - (a cheaper version which comes in a choice of 5 colors). IOS7 is also released today! Some people say that the event was more about new markets than about new technology. Let’s see if that’s true and what Apple brings to the public with its new devices. What to expect (new) from the iPhone 5S? The iPhone 5S comes in 3 colors: Silver, Space Grey and Champagne Gold. The gold color is quite controversial, with some people loving it and dying to have a phone in gold, and other people finding the color gaudy. I’d say that the color is nice, the champagne note gives the phone distinction and elegance. My guess is that the model in this color will bring the most sales. Read our blog post about the most expensive iPhone and you’ll find out how much people are willing to pay for anything that has something to do with gold and jewels. Even though the color is the first to catch the eye, the main innovation in the iPhone 5S design is the home button with a fingerprint sensor. The sensor built in the home button is able to scan up to five fingerprints. The fingerprints will be stored so that you can unlock the phone and authorize iTunes/App Store purchases with a single touch. Some people are sceptical when it comes to anything that has to do with personal identification. Apple Senior Vice President Phil Schiller reassures us that this is not an authentication system and fingerprints won’t be stocked in the Apple’s servers. At least not for now.
"Touch ID is actually quite an elegant solution to an ever more significant problem: namely, the theft of mobile devices and, perhaps even more critically, the information stored on those devices" said Windsor Holden from the tech consultancy Juniper Research.
Let’s hope that this innovation will deter theft! The other significant improvement iPhone 5S comes with is the ultra-fast A7 processor which has the capability to run twice as fast as the one on the iPhone 5 (with a 64-bit ARM chip with “desk-class” computing capabilities). This is vital for some features within the iPhone 5S, and it also means that everything you do on the iPhone will be twice as fast (opening apps, playing games, editing pictures and everything else). It’s actually the world’s first 64 bit mobile phone, and here is what Apple Senior Vice President Phil Schiller says about this:
‘The PC world made the transition from 32 bit to 64 bit and it took years. Today you’re going to see that Apple is going to do it in one day.’
What’s more, iPhone 5S sports a better camera with automatic features to improve the quality of the photos. It’s still an 8 megapixel camera but with better lens, a wider f/2.2 aperture - which ensure more qualitative pictures and a True Tone Dual-Flash which improves sensitivity to light and provides light of a more accurate color.
“This thing is the crown jewel of the new iPhone’s camera capabilities, in my opinion” reformed photographer Matthew Panzarino writes for TechCrunch . “Yes, many people will probably still avoid using a flash, but the sheer engineering prowess here is insane.”
You can see here actual photos taken with the iPhone 5S camera.

The iPhone 5S will be available in the UK for the price of £549 for the 16GB model, £629 for the 32GB model and £709 for the 64GB model. Would you go for the gold, silver or grey-space model? Or maybe one of the five colors in the iPhone 5C spectrum?

    iPhone 5C (Colorful and Cheaper)

The introduction of the iPhone 5C has been seen as a shift in Apple’s strategy. Some people believe that the iPhone 5C is aimed to reach some markets that usually don’t afford a top-end iPhone at the moment (in particular China). Apple marketing executive Philip Schiller promised “the iPhone 5C will come with all the great technology that customers have loved." And it seems indeed that the iPhone 5C is pretty much the old iPhone 5 coated with a more colorful coating. Compared to iPhone 5, the iPhone 5C has a better front camera and a larger battery. And of course, the difference is noticeable in the back cover, which is no longer aluminium or glass, but a colorful hard-coated polycarbonate featuring a steel inner frame. Everyone expected the iPhone 5C (as well called budget option), to be a cheaper version of iPhone. The truth is that iPhone 5C is far from being cheap. For the price of £469 (16 gigabytes) as a one-off payment, and £63 over a two-year contract, the phone is more expensive than the iPhone 4s which is sold at the moment for the price of £349 (SIM-free). Thus, it’s possible that Apple might need to cut its prices further in order to reach new customers.
“Overall, the 5C offers the same speed and performance as the iPhone 5. Given the price, it may not turn out to be the device for emerging markets, but it at least gives interested iPhone buyers more choice without feeling like they're just going with the "old" models.” - Engadget
Together with the “most forward-thinking smartphone in the world” (as iPhone 5S has been described) and its “budget” version iPhone 5C, Apple has launched some great expectations… Buy it, test it and don’t forget to tell us your impressions!
May 07, 2014