Happy anniversary beloved iPod touch!

Six years ago, on September 2007, Steve Jobs introduced the iPod touch at an Apple music event. Here is the recording from that event: Since then, iPod touch have developed a lot, and Apple launched 5 generations so far. iPod touch has a very pretty design (well, with the exception of the 2nd and 3rd generation) and has a lot of exciting and useful features. I am curious to see Apple will launch iPod touch 6th generation this year, in September. If you want to find out more about how to identify iPod models, check our post. It is amazing how much the iPod touches have developed so far, taking into account the first generation did not even have a proper speaker. At the moment, Apple is selling two generations of the iPod touch model – the fourth generation and the fifth one. Launched in 2011, the 4th generation iPod touch is the entry-level option. It has FaceTime, HD video recording, Game Center and iMessage and also comes with a Retina display. Just like the iPhone, the iPod touch it is packed full of features and possibilities: you can put all of your apps, games, videos and music on it; and with its Wi-Fi, you can use iMessage and FaceTime, check your emails, browse the web and access your social networks. Then there’s Apple’s latest iPod touch, the 5th generation iPod touch. This has a new design, with Retina display, an improved camera and Apple’s Siri voice assistant. For the first time in the iPod touch’s history, it comes in multiple colours: black, silver, pink, green, red, and blue. As well as Siri, it has all the features of the iPod touch 4th Generation. You can find more about iPod touch reading our previous post: iPod touch or iPod classic?! I have heard rumours about the iPod touch being discontinued, but I personally do not believe them. I think that iPod touch has its own role, where a cellular phone does not make sense (in kids' life, while you are running, and many other situations). Do you have an iPod touch? Do you consider buying one soon? Do you think Apple should discontinue it?
May 07, 2014