Bye-bye roaming, hello Yuilop!

I learned about Yuilop a week ago when a friend of mine sent me an article about it. To be honest, I was expecting the day when calls can be made between different countries, without having to pay the huge roaming fees. Here comes Yuilop! Launched in Germany in 2011, Yuilop is based on VoIP just like Skype. In order to use it, you need to download the Yuilop app on your phone (iOS, Android, WP or BlackBerry), that will enable your call around the world, over your internet connection. There are already apps like Skype, WhatsApp and Viber that allows you to text and call between their users, but Yuilop is about something else. Yuilop is about contacting landlines and people who do not use the app. Yuilop is about receiving calls and avoiding roaming charges while travelling.
"Finally we can become free from mobile operators, we can be free of roaming charges and independent of country borders," says Doppelhammer. "We are making communication free again."
Yuilop is the UK's "first cloud-based global communication service" which connects to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Yuilop provides you with a real mobile number (different from the one that you already have), from where you can call or receive calls to/from different networks or landlines. The number offered by Yuilop is a “cloud number”, does not belong to any network, has real, standard “07” British number.

Owning a Yuilop number does not force you to have a contract anymore, so your phone number is not stuck in your SIM card; therefore, you can call from phone to another device, from a country to another, just using the app and the internet. You need a prepaid SIM card, with a data plan, and that is it. You will be able to use your phone everywhere in the world, contacting everyone, no matter their location or network.
"I want to provide really free communication to the user," says Yuilop CEO Jochen Doppelhammer. "Free in both aspects. Free meaning no costs but also free meaning independent from [mobile phone] operators, independent from providers. A real internet service."
The call appears like a regular phone call, and it is free between Yuilop users! For the other users, you can pay the calls by credit, credit that can be bought, but also earned from each call or text received from outside the network. You can earn credit for various activities - initial sign up, receiving a call or SMS to their Yuilop phone number, inviting friends to use Yuilop, using the app for chats, and watching ads or downloading offers from the Yuilop offer wall. Non-Yuilop users can be called by using the PAYG credit - 300 credits costs £3.99. You will pay 3 credits for an SMS (equivalent of 4p). You will earn 2.5 credits for each SMS that you receive, so you will be able to gain credit that you can use afterwards. For more details about the calls and SMS costs, check Yuilop rates.
"When you receive calls, you earn credits, when you make calls, you spend credit," says Doppelhammer. “As long as you use the application you will earn enough credits to call anybody else you want to call, domestically or internationally.”
Used by about five million users from 200 countries, with phone number service from UK, Germany, Spain and US, Yuilop users can call worldwide, send and receive text messages, over the internet. The Yuilop app is available for download on iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows phones.
May 07, 2014