Hidden iPad features - part one

Apple’s iPad has so many attractive and useful features that you think you have tried them all. Well, I suggest you to read our post and then decide if you tried all of them, because we are going to unveil some hidden iPad features, which you are going to love. Taking into account the number of the features (14), I decided to split them into two parts, so do not forget to follow our blog on Friday and read the second part of this article, because it is going to be full of interesting hidden features! Discovered either by our friends, our clients or heavy iPad users, the hidden iPad features raised our attention. Therefore, we will share with you seven of them so you can enjoy them as well: 1. Split your keyboard If you are one of those who prefer typing in an ergonomic position more than having both hands over the keyboard, then this feature is for you. Tap and hold the keyboard button from the bottom right hand side (the one that you usually press when you want to hide the keyboard) and select “split”. When you want to end up with this split keyboard, just press the same button once again and choose “merge”. This feature will work only if you have the option turned on in the keyboard menu from the iPad settings.

2. Undo by shaking When you write documents or emails on your iPad, you come to a point where you wish it had an undo button as your computer has. The iPad has an undo button, as bright as your computer’s one. The only difference is that you have to activate it manually by shaking the iPad. Yes, just hold it tight and shake it and a box will come up on the screen, asking if you want to undo the typing that you just wrote. Try it and see how it goes.

3. Dictionary A while ago, the smart feature of the Kindle - a built-in dictionary seemed a convenient feature. It offered you the chance of looking up for a word there and then, without quitting your current activity. Shortly after that, I learned that the iPad has a built-in dictionary too! So my precious iPad is striking back! In order to use it, only touch and hold a word and then choose “define” in the pop up menu. You will see the definition of the word, and you can scroll down to read more about it.

4. Double space = full stop I found the easiest way to type a full stop by mistake. I was writing an email in a hurry, so I pressed the space twice, and instead of having two double spaces on the screen, I saw a full stop and a space. Is not that awesome? Since then, I have developed a habit of typing twice the space bar in order to obtain the full stop at the end of every sentence, and I realized I save time by doing this. 5. Hidden characters When you are writing an email in English, the iPad keyboard is very convenient. How about when you have to write a text in French or other language that has special letters in its alphabet? Of course, you are not the only one who wants them, so the iPad has the letter “u” with an accent, the "o" with an umlaut, and many other special characters hidden in its international keyboard. Just hold down a letter on your keyboard and you will see a lot of special characters linked with that letter will appear on the screen. Swipe your finger to choose the one that you need and, voilà, the special characters are on the screen. 6. Shortcuts If you are an efficient person, then you will love this feature. You can reduce your typing time by programming your own abbreviations. Your iPad will automatically turn them into real words as you type the abbreviation. You can set them up in the Settings > General > Keyboard > Add new shortcut. For instance, "BW" can become "Best Wishes" and "STYS" will become "Speak to you soon". Try it and invent the best shortcuts for your personal needs.

7. Yahoo Messenger BUZZ There are still people who use Yahoo Messenger as a mean of communication. For example, my parents find it easier than Skype, so until it will become completely obsolete they will use it. Therefore, I need to use it if I want to communicate with them, so I will share one of my findings about it. If you want to “BUZZ” someone, to make sure they got your lines, you have to shake the iPad firmly or gently flick it on your knees or softly throw it on the sofa. This is another hidden iPad feature that can be activated by physical movements (like the Undo typing feature). I hope you have found these hidden iPad features as exciting as myself and my colleagues. Did you know them before? Are not they helpful? Stay tuned and follow our blog in order to read the second part of this article, and find out more hidden iPad features. Speak to you soon!
May 07, 2014