The winners of our August giveaway are ...

At the beginning of August, we launched a Lovefone giveaway designed to make you share your stories, and we are happy to see that you embraced it! The competition called: “Share your broken iPhone or iPad story with us and win a free screen repair” raised a lot of interest among our readers. We launched this competition because we hear lots of fascinating stories about how people damage their iPhones, iPods or iPads. That is why, we asked you, our readers, clients or followers to describe in less than 200 words what happened when you got your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch damaged, by sharing it on our Facebook page. We received more than 50 creative stories (which you can check on our Facebook page), so it was extremely difficult to pick the best out of them, but we had to do it. We told you that the best story will win a free iPhone/iPad or iPod screen repair and the top 20% of the stories will get £10 off voucher for any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch screen repairs. It is time to render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, so we are glad to share with you the most exciting, creative and outstanding stories. The best story which gathered the maximum number of votes is Vicki Cooper-Wright’s story. Here is how she broke her precious iPad mini: Vicki Cooper-Wright:
What dramatic death defying stunt led to my iPad mini screen now resembling a psychedelic spiderweb? Well, it was the risky business of feeding my 4 month old baby boy... I had him sit on my lap with my 3 month old iPad mini sat next to me on the sofa. I'm watching some Phil Spencer thing on TV when Junior spots some dodgy decor and decides to start kicking his legs in protest (I blame the woodchip wallpaper!) Next thing I hear is this gut wrenching cracking sound which I know could only be coming from my iPad. My little tyke had wriggled that many he knocked the TV remote off my lap (all of about 3 inches drop) and it hits the iPad in just the wrong place around the home key resulting in beautiful but destructive crackage all across my bloomin' screen. Dammit. Beware the dangers of poor interior design!
Congratulations Vicki! Your story was so funny, intriguing and outstanding, and everyone from Lovefone loved it. You can now get your iPad mini screen repaired by Lovefone! Have a look on our website and book your iPad mini screen replacement. There were also a lot of exciting stories that deserve our attention. Therefore, we decided to gratify them with a £10 voucher valid for any iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Samsung Galaxy screen repair. The stories that had a good grip on us are the followings: Carolynn Woodland:
My husband lost his phone - had it been stolen, had he misplaced it, had he left it somewhere? We tried ringing his number, retraced his steps, searched everywhere but finally gave up, and he got another phone. One year later, he emptied our garden pond in order to get rid of the weed and dirty water and there, lying on the bottom, was his dead phone. Presumably, it had been in his shirt pocket and fallen out when he was leaning over the pond!
Ryan Mark:
Back in 2006 I was listening to my iPod in the back of an Army land rover whilst on a convoy patrol, and as we were at the front leading roughly 25 vehicles, I managed to drop my iPhone as it bounced off the back step it must have been run over by all 25 vehicles... Needles to say I was not happy.
Ellie Thatcher:
My 13 year old son spent his birthday money on a new iPod, sat in the garden showing us how good it was.... and dropped it on the floor. A few tears were shed that day!
Kellyjo Walters:
I dropped my iPhone 4s when horse racing, got a bit too excited and flung my phone in the air it landed like 100 yards away bouncing.. my Ipad I only broke this week.. using it for my sat nav holding it it went out the window, bounced on the side of the car and bounced twice in the road!.. 2 cracks and a smash! Seriously peeved!
Nancy Bradford:
My three year old daughter loved playing games on our new Ipad and accidentally dropped it and left it with a (functional) crack down them middle. That was 2 years ago, she is now 5 and last month we had another accident in which she knocked it off the table and the glass is now shattered. Powers up but no longer functional. Just in time for the summer holidays.
Zarah Aspinall:
Nexus tablet mysteriously cracked, only 2 months after our 3 year old said "sorry mum I stood on it" grrr!
Sam Nunns:
We were all laying on the front of a cattermarang about 20 minutes away from the harbour after a 6 hour trip looking for dolphins and jet skiing, all electronic devices had survived until a glass bottom ferry went past on the right causing large bow waves to hit under us on the boat, a wave about 7 feet high came crashing down onto me, my family and sadly my bag with my iPhone 5, my wallet full of euros and possibly worst of all, my cigarettes. Tried rice and shit but since that day my phone just will not charge.
Sarah Steels:
My son found the app which gives the illusion the screen has smashed. In his excitement to show me, he dropped the phone face down on the kitchen floor. It took several long seconds to realise the screen was actually cracked for real.
Kaley Redmond:
I bought my children a 2nd hand ipod for Christmas. It came with the screen broke so 3 days before Christmas I was running around everywhere to get it fixed. Finally, I got it fixed they played with it with their new toys at Christmas the following week it was dropped and has been sat on the shelf ever since x.
Abie-mae Louise Hampson:
I had left my phone on top of a book while cleaning at work. I grab the book and my phone flies into the fryer. Phone was fried, and so was my hand. Fully healed hand just still buggered phone!!
Congratulations to you all, and thank you for your time, imagination and funny answers! Enjoy your prizes! I hope you have enjoyed our August giveaway, and you will stay tuned and enter our next competitions. We’ve prepared interesting challenges, and precious prizes, so follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn or subscribe to our blog and receive updates every time we post something interesting!
May 07, 2014