iOS 7 is almost here ...

The first iPhone name was iPhone OS. A few years later the operating system had to be renamed as iOS on June 7, 2010 because the iPhone was not the only device which was using iOS. Since then, the iOS is the operating system for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch through iTunes. At the beginning, iTunes helped to update the iOS, then through over-the-air software updates, and since 2011, it can be updated automatically and wirelessly through Apple's iCloud service. The first iPhone came out together with the first version of OS (29th of June 2007) and almost every year Apple released one of the iOS version - depending on the devices or upgrading new features. The most recent upgrade - iOS 6 added about 200 new features (Apple maps, Passbook and Facebook). Apple announced iOS 7 on 2013 Worldwide Developers Conference, presenting some of the new features of iOS 7. According to Apple, “iOS 7 is the mobile OS from a whole new perspective” and we’ll be able to upgrade sometime this autumn. Redesign of the iOS Johnny Ive has re-invented the iOS, and this is to be seen starting with iOS 7. The new iOS 7 will have a different interface, with strong and simple lines, flat or gradient colours and not so much ornamentation.
iOS 7 is an iOS for a more mature consumer, who understands that digital surfaces are interactive, and who does not want anything getting in the way of their content. The basic functionality has not changed. You still use iOS in the same way, and almost everything is where you expect it to be. The same gestures work. There are a few differences here and there – it is a significant new version of the OS, after all –, but the changes are mostly aesthetic. You will not be confused by iOS 7 if you know the previous version. You will, however, probably find that it feels more fluid, responsive and modern.” says Matt Gemmell in his article entitled “iOS 7”.
New iOS features With iOS 7, Apple has changed most of the built-in apps (such as Weather, Passbook and Reminders, Photos and Mail) and the icons redesigned, in order to improve their friendliness, easiness and effectiveness. iOS 7 will bring up new features and improve the old ones. Announcing Control Centre, AirDrop and multitasking, Apple assures us that iOS 7 will have new and smart features. To be more efficient and useful, the improvements and changes apply to the Notification Centre, Camera, Photos, Safari and Siri! Let’s take one by one all the significant changes: Control Centre - helps you to have quick access to control our your apps by swiping from any screen - you can turn on/off the airplane mode, turn WiFi on/off, adjust brightness, play or pause a song, access the timer, calculator and camera. All these with only one swipe! Notification Centre - lets you know about new email, missed calls, to-dos, someone’s birthday if you need an umbrella, slow traffic and others! You can easily access it from any screen, by swiping down. Multitasking - it is a smart way of knowing what you want to do before you do - this means that it will register your tendency of checking the Weather app at 8:00 am every day, so it will show it to you! Every day, at 8:00 am. Camera - has tons of shooting formats (still, video, panorama, square, front and centre) and puts all you photos in them. You can filter them, customize them with a retro feel, black and white, and others. Photos - can be organized in smart groups like Collections, Moments and Years, together with the videos. So it is going to be easy for you to find a certain shot! iCloud Photo Sharing - iCloud can help you share all your precious moments by sharing a photo stream with all your favourite friends and family. AirDrop - allows you to share photos, videos, texts and contacts with someone near you, with just a Share button (through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth). Safari - redesigned to be better and more beautiful, Safari for iOS 7 helps you to see more content in an easier way! Siri - comes with a new design and new features! It becomes faster, uses more sources for its answers and completes more tasks - such as returning calls, adjusting screen brightness and more. AppStore - Apps Near Me - shows you popular apps relevant to your location and comes with a Kids category, revealing the best apps for different ages. Find My iPhone - with iOS 7, Find My iPhone is now more powerful to protect your iPhone with its new security features, so your iPhone will remain your iPhone, not somebody else’s iPhone. Last but not least, Apple concludes with another feature, launched in 2014, called iOS in the car. iOS in the car - helps you to connect your iPhone 5 and interact with it using the car’s built-in display. It allows you to make phone calls, listen to music, operate text messages, get directions and others. What else can you dream of?! Other notable features Apart from these features that appear on the Apple website, - there are some features which are not there, but appeared hidden in the WWDC Apple presentation. If you are curious and want to know more about them, read below. System improvements - there will be plenty of them, such as: Audio-only FaceTime calls - will let you voice-chat with others over Wi-Fi, without any phone plan required. If you are a tech geek, iOS 7 will bring a space-tracking technology for you: inclinometer (the one that measures the angle of slope regarding the gravity). I can not wait to use it!

iOS 7 comes with Improved notification sync and natural language, and will sport a Siri and Google Now pane that gives you an idea of your day’s activities in a nice paragraph, in your natural language. If you worry about your iPhone theft, Apple launches Activation lock - a system improvement that will allow your iPhone to remain in Lost Mode, asking to enter the iCloud username and password before it can be unlocked.

Smarter, faster download, no more updates tab, Wi-Fi HotSpot 2.0 and change the visibility on AirDrop are just a few of the System Improvements that iOS 7 will bring over in autumn. New Maps features - apart from the new interface, Maps will have other new features too! If you like walking, but you are not familiar with the neighbourhood, Apple gives you a hand with turn-by-turn walking directions. Night mode for Maps is going to help you adjust the brightness during night time, with Maps bookmark syncing will sync your Maps bookmarks from your iPhone to your other iOS devices.

Improved and updated communications. Apparently starting with iOS 7 you will have access to your Mac mailbox with Smart Mailboxes and great Mail search. Traditional SMS text messages will have a long character limit given by the long MMS support. PDF annotations will be available by default, so this will make our work easier! Chat will change too - and all the services that you can use to chat with your friends will appear on their contact cards (Facetime, Home, Mobile, iCloud, iMessaged, Email, etc.).

iOS 7 allows you to sort your callers, and Call blocking will help you block the ones that you do not want to talk. Because privacy is necessary, the Do not track option for Safari will prevent advertisers from tracking you as you browse the web. Photos and video improvements - iOS 7 intends to improve and redesign almost all features and photos and videos. Moments and Collections are the new Faces and Places tabs, and the focus is now on the location, and this can be done with the help of map data.

Shared Photo Streams is now easier and smoother because Streams become collaborative (both of you can send photos in the same time), and you can integrate videos too! This can be called True photo-sharing! If you love shooting high frame-rate video, the new Apple camera app will shoot videos with 60 frames per second. Siri’s new tricks - Siri comes with a new interface and new improvements on his voices in the U.S., Germany, and France. Siri becomes more reliable as it uses Wikipedia, Twitter, and Bing inline (goodbye, Safari search!) for its answers and carries out new commands! International features - iOS 7 comes with new dictionaries for Italian, Korean, and Dutch speakers, as well as a Chinese-English bilingual dictionary and also handwriting recognition for multiple Chinese characters. Is not that awesome?! At WWDC, Apple stated that developers will gain access to more than 1500 new Developer APIs in iOS 7, such as iBeacons, background downloading, third-party game controllers, Apple Maps in your third-party apps, Xcode 5 and others! Are not these features and updates incredible?! I am sure we will have a lot of surprises to discover when the iOS 7 will be here. So all of you who have an iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch 5th generation, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4 and iPad Mini will be able to enjoy the iOS 7 on their device because it will be compatible. For the ones who cannot stand the uncertainty, iOS 7 is going to be available from this autumn, and the rumour states that this might be October. I do not know about you, but I can not wait to see and enjoy all the new changes that iOS 7 is going to bring to my iOS devices!
May 07, 2014