App of the week no.16 - Foursquare

I heard about Foursquare app about 6 months ago, when a friend of mine shared her find. About a week ago, another friend told me about it and then I decided to have a closer look and see what Foursquare app is about. I must admit Foursquare app is different from any other check in apps, so, therefore, it deserves my attention. Foursquare is a social-networking app that lets you "check in" to different locations and leave tips and comments about your experiences for your friends and other Foursquare users. This way, it helps you to connect with friends and find new things to do in your natal town or new cities.
“On Facebook, you are the sum of all your interactions and photos with others; but on Foursquare, location and detecting patterns are key” declared for The Verge Foursquare Head of Search Andrew Hogue.
Explore Explore gives you a lot of information regarding places where you or your friends have been before, deals, new places, most visited places, and a lot of fascinating data. You can browse places to eat in different ways - by cuisine, by your friend's choice, by certain spots, so you can find the best place for you in less than a minute. To do list The app has a To-do list that allows you to create your own personalized list based on things that you find attractive. In your To-do list, you can save places based on the tips left by other users or your personal needs and preferences. Connect with friends Foursquare helps you find out where your friends are and what are they doing - if they use Foursquare of course. So that is why when my friend told me about Foursquare she said “download it, and then add me to your friend list, so we can stay connected”. Gaming Foursquare is like a game, offering you points and badges for new entries, frequent check-ins into places and overall use. You can check-in at cinemas, bars, cafes, restaurants, parks, and other public places. Depending on the numbers of check-ins, you can receive badges and even become “the mayor” of that place. Being a mayor, you might receive some free drinks or discounts, from the businesses that want to reward you for your loyalty. Great offers When I tried browsing some of the specials in the neighborhood where I live, I found dozens of restaurants and bars offering two-for-ones, free coffee for newbies, and many other attractive deals. Foursquare offers the possibility to see what specials offer the restaurants and cafes before going out. This helps me to decide easier if I want to try that place or not.

Tips Foursquare offers you priceless tips, shared by users who checked-in at different places. You do not have to tell anyone at the site that you are checking in and write down tips, and you can share your experience. Based on your individual check-ins, Foursquare can offer you relevant recommendations and tips because it knows what places you have been to. The app holds information about the busiest museums, the most beautiful and most visited beaches, and what places should be avoided. Foursquare is more interesting in large cities, where you can check-in in a lot of places, read tips about new places and see where your friends are. Using Foursquare in a small city is not that fanciful, since hardly few people check in themselves. You can download the Foursquare app from the App Store and is compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad.
May 07, 2014