500,000 new iTunes accounts are created daily

At the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) held in San Francisco in the middle of June (10-14th of June), Tim Cook announced that iTunes has 575 million accounts so far. This huge figure inspired Asymco’s Horace Dediu to point out that on average 500,000 new iTunes accounts are created daily! Horace Dediu made his estimations based on Tim Cook’s figures’ and calculated it with the previous value announced in 2009, and found out the average number of the new iTunes accounts that are created daily. If the estimations made by Horace Dediu continues to follow the same trend, Apple will have 100,000,000 iTunes accounts by the end of this year. If it continues for three years, iTunes accounts will be more numerous than Facebook accounts (if the number of Facebook accounts stays at the current level). If iTunes was a social network, then it would be the second in line, after Facebook. Going further down with the comparison analysis, the Apple’s 500,000 iTunes accounts created daily are shaping other opportunities, placing Apple not only behind Facebook, but above Amazon in terms of generating more revenue per account holder!

The same report shows that Apple's account base is growing significantly faster than other big companies, and those accounts are generating the highest free cash flow per account by a wide margin. Another analyst, Katy Huberty, states that Apple will reach 600 million users with active Apple IDs this year, extending its lead over rival platforms such as Amazon. What’s going to happen next? Well, we have to wait and see how Apple will stand out of the crowd … once again!

Meanwhile, if you want to create an iTunes account, you have to create an Apple ID, which can be done in few minutes. Follow the instructions and you will see how simple it is. After you create an Apple ID, it is worth setting up an iCloud account. If you think you do not need one, I advise you to read our iCloud post and after that I am sure you will decide to create one. If you just got an iOS device (an iPhone, iPad or iPod) you should create your iTunes account, and so you will be one of those 500,000 people who create new accounts every day.
May 07, 2014