#Guardiancoffee enchants you with great coffee and iPads at the table

  I love to hear about new cafes, new and innovative little places, where pleasure meets efficiency, where you can enjoy a delicious hot or cold coffee while working, writing or reading. I must tell you about a great new find: The Guardian newspaper has teamed up with Nude Espresso and EE and opened a pop-up coffee shop called #Guardiancoffee that is a great place to read the news, play around with technology and Social Media, and enjoy a tasty coffee. Located in Shoreditch, in the world's first pop-up mall made of shipping containers, #Guardiancoffee offers its customers a delicious coffee blend, free internet and iPads at the tables. #Guardiancoffee was open in order to make the news published in the Guardian and the Observer newspapers more accessible through Apple’s iPad. The tablets include Twitter projectors and infographics on the walls so that patrons can see the latest feeds and updates when ordering a coffee.

Jemima Kiss, Head of Technology at the Guardian, said:
“There’s a real appetite at the Guardian to rethink how we work as journalists and publishers, so combined with the fascinating tradition of news and coffee houses that make for quite a rich blend.”
#Guardiancoffee is one of the nicest cafes in London to feature iPads for customers. If you want to see more places that have integrated iPads for customers’ usage, or other ways in which iPads can be used to change our lives, check out this post. Have you ever been in the #Guardiancoffee? How was your experience? Share it with us! Or if you are planning to go there and check it out, use this address: Unit 1-3, BOXPARK, 2-10, Bethnal Green Road, London E1 6GY.

May 07, 2014