Travel virtually with GeoGuessr

Travel virtually with GeoGuessr You love traveling but you don’t have the budget at the moment or you can’t afford to take a holiday? We have a solution for you. Try GeoGuessr, a travel game that will take you instantly in different places around the world. OK, maybe it is not really something to compensate your desire to travel as you’ll still sit in front of your PC while playing but at least you can satisfy your curiosity and I can guarantee that, at some points, you’ll instantly feel the urge to say “I need to find out where on Earth this amazing place is and go there one day!” The game, created by the Swedish IT designer Anton Wallen, has had a huge impact around the world since it was launched two months ago (on 9 May). It has been reviewed by numerous media organizations and websites and it has thousands of unique visitors weekly. Here is how the game goes. You will randomly be dropped somewhere in the world on Google Maps and here is where the adventure begins: you will need to find out exactly where in the the world (on the map) you are. It’s not very easy but your virtual self can travel around the area, visit places and people and try to see where you are. If you “travel’ around enough you’ll for sure find some clues. You’ll get hours of enjoyment out of this game plus it will definitely help you with your geography. Your children can also benefit from this game as it involved language, culture and a map.

You have five chances (rounds) to guess where you are. Once you have decided what is the possible location, you’ll have to drop a pin on the map you have next to the street view.

The closer you get to the actual location, the more your score will increase (it can be anywhere between 0 and 6500 points) . If you guess wrong five times, the game will end. It’s not always hard to guess where you are but sometimes you might need to struggle a bit.

Obviously, it’s much easier if you’re given an image from a city and not a barren field as I was given first time (see the picture above). My second guess was much better as I was sent to a town in Russia. How did I guess that I was in Russia? I managed to find some clues: first I recognised the cyrillic script, but as this was not enough for guessing the country, I was lucky to find the colours of the Russian flag at a petrol station so even if I didn’t guess the town at least it helped me to guess the country so I was happy to be close to the destination.

And... by the third round, I guessed the location and I got 6385 points out of 6500! The problem was that even though I dropped the pin on the name of the location, Alaska is so big that apparently I was still 1125 km away (in fact, afterwards I realised that I didn’t zoom in enough). You can see below how I managed to find the name of the location.

It’s a great game, and even though is not perfect yet and could be more complex (I would have liked to have more than one chance to guess a location) it’s an addictive game, worth spending some time on.

Give it a go and let us know how much you’ve scored and which locations caught your eye!
May 07, 2014