Professional iPhone screen repair vs the DIY approach

With the more austere times that we now live in, DIY is in fashion. It can often be more convenient to do something by yourself instead of paying for the service. In many cases you trust your work more than some stranger's – it is more enjoyable to eat the bread you’ve baked yourself. If, for exmaple, you're painting your house, it can be nice to invest the time and money in the process yourself – choosing the best materials, and ensuring you attend to every last detail. Even if the whole process may take a bit longer, it’s worth having your mind at peace. But there are some situations when it’s better to let the professionals give you a hand. And I would say that a screen replacement on an iPhone is one of those situations. It might seem more convenient to do the repair yourself (to try to save some money and a trip to the repair shop). I used to think that the choice might have some merit, but I’ve seen far too many people (including close friends) coming to us with their phones after they unsuccessfully replaced the screen by themselves. Of course, they sometimes do a great job but too many times something gets damaged in the repair process – sometimes, irreversibly, unfortunately. As well as this, we often receive devices that are in pieces. In this situation, we're always happy to help. iPhone repairs require a great deal of precision and an even greater amount of time if this is the first time that you've done the repair. There are super small parts which can be easily lost or damaged in the process, and if the delicate logic board is damaged then your iPhone could be broken beyond repair. Also, be extra careful if the screen is not working anymore as a result of water damage. When you open the phone, there might be the risk that it won’t turn on. If you decide to try our super quick screen repair service, we’ll replace the screen on your phone for you while you wait in less than 30 minutes and the repair will be done in front of your eyes. Or you can choose our London courier service (with a total turnaround time of maximum 3-4 hours) or the express mail service if you live outside London. The best part is even to come. We offer a 1-year warranty for the screen we’ve fitted and ongoing support in case you have any other issues with the phone. We also offer a free diagnosis service for other devices to all our return customers. [caption id="attachment_3466" align="aligncenter" width="389"]Lovefone iPhone screen repairs Lovefone iPhone screen repairs[/caption] Taking the DIY approach? Then follow these steps If you decide to replace the screen on your iPhone by yourself, please make sure that you take these measures: 1. Backup your phone to make sure that in case anything goes wrong you won’t lose the data on the phone. You don’t have an iCloud account? Here is how to create one. 2. Gather the correct tools kit and screen (for example, even if they seem really similar, an iPhone 4 screen won’t fit on an iPhone 4s). The most expensive parts are not always the best ones, read the reviews carefully before ordering anything. Also, keep in mind that for the iPhone 3G/3GS, unlike the later versions of iPhone, the LCD (which is under the screen/glass) is a different part so if this is damaged as well you’ll need to buy a screen and an LCD (for the iPhone 4/4s and iPhone 5 they are an assembly). 3. Start doing the repair but be very careful and patient (as I said before, during the repair, be extra careful to not damage the logic board and don’t forget to put all the screws and parts back on! Before you start, have a look on our website where you’ll find videos recorded by our collegues for iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 repairs. Let us know if you’ve ever successfully fixed the screen on an iPhone. You never know, we might want you in our team at some point in the future! Lovefone in action! [caption id="attachment_3452" align="alignnone" width="267"]iPhone screen broken Before Lovefone – broken iPhone screen[/caption] [caption id="attachment_3453" align="alignnone" width="274"]iPhone screen repair 20 minutes later – another great Lovefone repair![/caption]  
May 07, 2014