TodoMovies – App of the week #11

Since I discovered TodoMovies, it’s become one of those special few apps that I use several times a week. In the past, I was never up to date with movies. When my friends were talking about the latest movies they'd seen, I was always completely out of my depth. Even so, there have always been evenings when I was too tired to read but really fancied watching something. But what should I watch? I used to rely on writing the name of recommended movies either in Notes on my phone, or in an email or in my diary – so they were all over the place. This all changed with the wonderful TodoMovies. TodoMovies keeps track of the movies you want to watch and notifies you when new movies come out. Even though it’s quite old (launched originally last summer), it has recently been updated to version 2.0 for iPhone, and it’s much better, brighter and smarter! The new version has a new movie-discovery feature, letting you find films that are coming out soon and then displaying the local screenings. Furthermore, you can search every movie ever released by genre, then and within each genre you will find one movie hand-picked especially for you. First impressions The app interface is very nice and easy to use. It's easy to search for films and add them to your "To Watch" list. You can discover lots of information about each film, such as director, cast and a short description, plus watch a trailer. When searching for movies, the app accesses the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) and gives live results for your search enquiry. [gallery type="slideshow" ids="3424,3425,3426,3427,3428,3429"] Keeping track of movies you want to watch If you hear a friend talking about a movie – for example StarTrek into Darkness – and want to know more about it, you enter the title in the search box and it pops right up with a thumbnail picture, title and the release year. When you tap on it, you can see the movie's poster and various options: watch the trailer, see the picture gallery, add it to your watch list or mark it as watched. More than this, if the movie that you are searching has not been released yet just add it to your watch list. You will be notified when it's released. In Discovery View, you can find films by genre, what's in cinemas at the moment and what's coming up. You can simply organise them by indicating the movies that you’ve seen with a little green tick in the top-right corner or the ones that you want to add to your watch list. All the films have review ratings imported from Rotten Tomatoes, Netflix and IMDb as well as ratings from multiple blogs. Share, synchronize and save If you are a social media fan, TodoMovies makes it easy to share information on a great film with friends or family. From within the app, share to Twitter, Facebook, a text message or email. The app also searches and links to the iTunes Store, should you want to buy a soundtrack or even rent or buy a film. TodoMovie supports iCloud, so you can sync to iCloud between all your devices. And it’s also integrated with iTunes, so if you’re planning to download the soundtrack of a movie from your watchlist, or perhaps the movie itself, TodoMovies will search iTunes for available downloads – this will include games, movies, soundtracks, and iBooks! TodoMovie is also integrated with Dropbox, which lets you export images from movie galleries to your Dropbox folder from your Mac or laptop. The final verdict Even though there are a lot of similar apps (Flickd Movies, Showy, IMDb) out already, TodoMovies is my favourite one. It is a fantastic resource for movie info, reviews and media. So if you are a film addict, a conniossuer or simply want to keep track of movies you want to watch, TodoMovies is a must-have app! You can download the new version of TodoMovies app from the App Store now. And you can check out this video to find out more about how it works and how handy it is:
May 07, 2014