Super tough iPad survives terrifying ordeal

It's pretty common for people to get annoyed by their gadgets and devices and consider the merits of dropping them from a great height. Unfortunately, it's even more common for devices to get damaged despite the owner's best efforts. This was the case with a remarkable iPad that flew off of a car roof, wedged itself into another car’s bumper and then was hit by a hammer. Don't worry, it's a story with a happy ending – the iPad survived! Let me tell you how this super duper iPad managed to survive all of these terrifying tortures. A few days ago, a woman from Georgia, USA, was driving along when an unidentified flying object came zooming in her direction. She didn’t hear or feel any major impact, so she didn’t take the incident too seriously. But later that day, she noticed that an iPad was stuck to her front bumper – so stuck in fact that she had to use a hammer to dislodge it. "I kind of hit the brakes and stopped but I didn't feel anything, I didn't see anything, so I went about my day," the woman explained. How did the poor iPad get there? The lady found the answer by turning on the iPad and finding the owner’s name and phone number. When she returned the iPad to the owner, he explained that he had left the iPad on his car roof. iPad and the bumper [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="456"]iPad with just a broken screen Nissan vs iPad – it's a tie![/caption] If your iPad suffered a similar (or less dramatic fate) we offer a simple iPad screen replacement service at Lovefone. So just get in touch.
May 07, 2014