Coffee Auction with Tim Cook ends with a $610,000 Bid

The CharityBuzz set up a new auction to raise money for the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights by offering the winner a coffee session with Tim Cook. The high bidder is entitled to a 30–60 minute meeting with the Apple CEO at Apple headquarters on a mutually agreed-upon date. The CharityBuzz auction's goal was to raise at least $50,000, but apparently they underestimated people's desire to share a coffee with Tim Cook. The auction went live on 24 April and bids quickly rose above $100,000. The final bid, couple of weeks later, was a staggering $610,000, more than twice as much as the total of the current high bids on the other 118 auctions that are supporting the same cause. Because the bidding totals ran so high, CharityBuzz was forced to implement bank qualification terms before additional bids could be placed, which slowed bidding considerably. Who knows what the winning bid would have been if this process didn’t interfere. CharityBuzz has hosted many auctions to help raise money for non-profit organisations and good causes. It has auctioned other one-on-one meetings with notable individuals like John McEnroe, former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer, designer Tim Gunn, and Henry Winkler. The winner of the auction was the 86th bidder and bided $610,000 just before the auction ended. The only details that have been released about him or her is the bidding name a********s. Any ideas on who this could be? Tim Cook of Apple in action
May 07, 2014