Read all about it! Apple tabloid headline competition!

The new iPad will take your kids to school
It's the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference on 10–14 June, Apple's annual geek-fest in which the company gets to show off its new wares to the technorati. As usual, the rumour mill is operating at full capacity. Could we see an iOS update? Will we learn anything about a new iWatch? Is Apple about to buy the moon with its $137 billion in small change? With Samsung continuing to take some serious chunks out of Apple, the stakes are pretty high, and Apple needs to do something pretty special! If it's going to keep its cool, Apple has got to start bringing out some pretty spectacular products again. But what product launch or feature do you think would truly blow Apple's competitors away? Sharpen your pencils and get your journalist hat on – we want to hear your top tabloid headlines for a fictional Apple product launch! Create a tabloid headline for a fictional Apple product or feature launch and tweet @lovefone, using #fakelaunch hashtag.
All you have to do is tweet @lovefone your fake tabloid headline, using the #fakelaunch hashtag. All entries will enter the draw. We have three prizes: 1. £25 iTunes voucher 2. £10 iTunes voucher 3. One OtterBox Defender iPhone case Closing date will be June 30 2013. Click here for terms and conditions.  
May 07, 2014