Draw Something 2 – App of the week #8

Draw Something 2 is an award winning app developed by Zynga owned website Omgpop. You can sign in by using your Facebook account or by making a new account. This is a two player game where you choose from 3 random words each different in difficulty thus offering more of a reward in coins. You then need to convey your chosen word by drawing a picture of it and sending it to your partner. They will then see a replay of your drawing and try to guess the word by filling out blank spaces that represent the length of the word from a range of letters provided. Once the right word has been figured out you can then see a replay of your partners attempts.

When you have earned enough coins you can begin to unlock different colours and brushes to draw with allowing you to create more detailed and better looking drawings. There is also a social aspect to the game where you can chat to other gamers and search for and add your friends so you can challenge them to games. You can even browse and follow your favourite artists and marvel at their skillfully drawn pictures. If your friends are not upto playing a game you can always use the random matchmaking option and play against strangers.

I have been playing this game for a few days now and i have to say its very fun and can be challenging if the person you're paired with can't draw too well or has picked a difficult word. I also enjoy the social aspect of the game and the easy to use interface. The only negative I can think of is the price of new brushes and colours, you will have to play allot of matches in order to collect enough coins to afford any upgrades. If you are prepared to pay for coins this shouldn't be a problem.

May 07, 2014