Top 4 iPad cases for everyone’s needs

When I got my first iPad, I thought it was very nice but fragile, so buying a case was a must. After a long research I found the best one for my needs! But to be honest, there are so many different ones, in a variety of colours and materials (leather, plastic, rubber, etc), with incredible additional functions and features (keyboard, extra battery) that it is very difficult to choose one. So the idea of writing this post came after I did the top 4 list for the best iPad cases, meant to satisfy almost everyone’s needs. 1. Super protection

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 14.06.03

Do you have kids who take the iPad out and about? You’d better buy a case meant to protect it from breaking the glass screen after is being dropped. Working at Lovefone you see lots of parents who bring their iPad over to have the iPad screen repaired after the kids dropped it. When we advised one of them to buy a case, he said “oh, yes, that’s a better idea than getting new kids” :). So for the ones in a similar situation, I would recommend OtterBox Defender. This case is a perfect combination between protection and functionality. It also comes as a smaller version, as Otterbox Defender for the iPad mini which offers the best all around protection you can get for the iPad mini. This Otterbox case of iPad or iPad mini incorporates the rigid, shatterproof internal skeleton, overlaid with a dense, ultra-tough, rubber skin than not only helps absorb any shock, but also seals the ports of the Lightning connector, the headphone jack and the rotation lock switch. This is one of my favourite cases, and I highly recommend it, especially if kids use the iPad. 2. Typing made easy

Heavy writers sometimes find it difficult typing on the sensitive display, so they need a physical keyboard for the iPad, which almost turns your iPad into a laptop. If you are going to write mostly from home, then just buy a bluetooth keyboard. But if you are going to be on the go, I definitely recommend a keyboard-case combo. There are quite a few options available on the market, but the one which I really like is the Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case. It is not only a case, but a combination Bluetooth keyboard and protective folio case. It is very thin (6.4 mm and weighs just 411 grams) because is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, and can be placed into three specific viewing angles with magnets holding the iPad into place. It also has an incorporated battery which offers up to 160 hours of battery life between charges, and a special "SoundFlow" design enhances audio from your iPad. You can check out this video to see how it works:

3. Stylish design

From my point of view, the most stylish case is the one designed and manufactured by Apple, Apple Smart Case, the one that can wake up your iPad when you lift it and puts it to sleep when is covered. It has the same features as the Smart Cover, but it has extra protection given by the back covering case. 4. Outside extreme protection

If you are one of those who prefer to spend their free time outdoors, you will need something that offers more protection than a normal case. And I mean that type of case that can protect your iPad when you go hiking, rafting or mountain climbing. If so, Griffin Survivor or Griffin Survivor for iPad mini are very good choices! They are, without any doubt, the best extreme-protection case, being tested under extreme conditions and certified for military action, meaning that it passed rigorous tests of vibration, 6-foot drops, impact, dust and water exposure, compression, and others. I hope this short guide which tried to cover almost everyone’s needs for iPad cases. But if you like another one in particular, please share it with us!
May 07, 2014