What products will Apple be making in the future?

Following our monthly challenge, where our readers and followers were asked what products will Apple be making in 100 years from now, I’ve read an article about what Apple board member points to future in terms of new devices, so I’ve decided to share this information with you. Last week, we shared with you the winning answers of those who entered our competition and gave us some amazing ideas about future Apple products. I hope you found their answers really interesting and creative. And now, let me tell you what Apple staff and rumours say. At the beginning of April Apple’s ‘Coach’ Campbell held court at the Mountain View headquarters of Intuit, states Businessweek. Campbell discussed with Tony Fadell (who runs Nest) and Ron Johnson and mentioned:
"You would think that people would yawn at something as boring as a thermostat,” Campbell said. “So, I’ve been surprised at how it has done and is doing. It will be the first of many products that come out of that company, which has a brilliant CEO and engineering team.”
Even though Campbell was advised to keep his current business going while he experiments with a new one, he didn’t listen and “he just put a bullet hole in his current business. More than this, Campbell told the ones hungering after the iWatch to expect to see:
“A lot of things going on with the application of technology to really intimate things.” He pointed to Google Glass as one such intimate object. “It’s a phenomenal breakthrough,” he said. “When you start to think about glasses or watches, they become as intimate as the cell phone was.”
You can watch the entire video here: Going further with my reading, and linking my research to the intimate flexible devices, I want to mention some Apple patents revealed by UnwiredView, which detail flexible devices that change as they bend.

The picture above entitled “Flexible Electronic Devices” shows that Apple is not looking only at flexible displays, but also at flexible parts like batteries, logic boards and the whole case. For example, you can turn off the device, put it into standby mode, answer the call or change volume when you fold it. More, you can fold it to store it in a pocket or a wallet. User interface components may be configured to respond when twisted - so a simple twist may be taken by the device as a command to a game, may turn the device on or off or may change the operating mode.

Another innovative device can bend to form “front side displays and edge displays” and the beginning of it can be the patent application titled “Electronic devices with sidewall displays”. This shows a secondary display which can have alternately function such as virtual buttons, virtual switches or informational displays that are supplemental to front side displays. Virtual buttons may include transparent button members, lenses, audio feedback components, virtual volume buttons that can be repurposed to become a virtual camera shutter button for taking a picture. Have a look below and see how this patent looks like:

Aren’t they unbelieveable at this point? Well, the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad seemed like devices from the distant future a few years ago so I’m sure we’ll see some pretty amazing devices in the next 100 years.
May 07, 2014